Macro Lunch 2010

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Fall 2010 Schedule

Date Room Speaker Topic
September 14th from 12:30- 2pm Uris 326  Mark Duggan Paying a Premium on Your Premium? Consolidation in the U.S. Health Insurance Industry
September 21st Uris 306  Andrew Hertzberg Exponential Individuals, Hyperbolic Households
September 28th Uris 306    
October 5th Uris 306  Ricardo Reis  The past, present, and future of fiscal spending: transfers
October 12th Uris 306  Veronica Rappoport  
October 19th Uris 306  Shang-Jin Wei  Seemingly under-valued currencies
October 26th Uris 306    
November 2nd  No Meeting    
November 9th Uris 306  Till Von Wachter The Effects of Extended Unemployment Insurance Over the Business Cycle: Evidence from Regression Discontinuity Estimates Over 20 Years
November 16th Uris 306  Martin Uribe Currency Pegs and Unemployment
November 23rd Uris 306 Antonio Moreno Macroeconomic Regimes
November 30th Uris 306  Michael Woodford Monetary Policy and Finacial Stability
December 7th Uris 306  Stefania Albanesi  

Spring 2010 Schedule

Date Room Speaker Topic
January 26th Uris 306 Mike Woodford Government Expenditure Multipliers
February 2nd Uris 306 Pierre Yared TBA
February 9th
(12:30 - 2 pm); open to all
Uris 306 Pascal Michaillat Do matching frictions explain unemployment? Not in bad times
February 16th Uris 306 Rick Mishkin Financial conditions indexes
February 23rd Uris 306 Charlie Calomiris Capitalizing Liquidity Constraints: Global Stock Return Factors during the Financial Crisis
March 2nd Uris 306 Parantap Basu Inflation, human capital, and Tobin's q
March 9th Uris 306 No meeting  
March 16th Uris 306 No meeting  
March 23rd Uris 306 Charlie Himmelberg Contingent capital
March 30th Uris 306 Vivian Yue Interest Rate Swaps and Corporate Default
April 6th Uris 306 Ricardo Reis When should policymakers make announcements?
April 13th Uris 306 Shang-Jin Wei A sexually unbalanced model of current account imbalances
April 20th
Uris 306 No speaker Casual lunch meeting
April 27th Uris 301 Jim Kahn Changing Sex Roles and Long-Run Consumption Trends
May 4th Warren 209 Neng Wang Consumption and saving with recursive preferences
May 11th Uris 306