Macro Lunch 2012

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Fall 2012 Schedule

Date Room Speaker Topic
Sept. 11th Uris 306 Michael Woodford Efficient Perceptual Coding and Reference-Dependent Valuations
Sept. 18th Uris 306 Pierre Yared A Theory of Political and Economic Cycles
Sept. 25th Uris 306 Tano Santos The Spanish banking crisis and the Eurozone's tinderbox
Oct. 2nd Uris 306 Lars Lochstoer Parameter learning in general equilibrium: the asset pricing implications
Oct.. 9th Uris 306 Jaromir Nosal 'Uncertainty as Commitment
Oct. 16th Uris 306 Michel Strawczynski The optimal inheritance tax in the presence of investment of education
Oct. 23rd Uris 306 Emi Nakamura and Jon Steinsson Is It Real? High Frequency Identification of the Fed's Impact on Interest Rates
Oct. 30th Uris 306 No meeting  
Nov. 6th Uris 306 from 12:30 to 2pm Dmitriy Sergeyev Financial Integration and Financial Stability
Nov. 13th  Uris 306 Erik Hurst Manufacturing Declines, Housing Booms, and Declining Employment
Nov. 20th Uris 306 Mauricio Larrain Understanding Misallocation: The Importance of Financial Constraints
Nov. 27th Uris 306 Saki Bigio  
Dec. 4th Uris 306 Ricardo Reis Controlling Inflation and Maintaining Central-Bank Solvency under New-Style Central Banking
Dec. 11th Uris 306    

Spring 2012 Schedule

Date Room Speaker Topic
January 24th Uris 306 Martin Uribe Prudential Policy for Peggers
January 31st Uris 306  Leonardo Melosi  
February 7th Uris 306 No Lunch  
February 14th Uris 306 No Lunch  
February 21st Uris 306 No Lunch  
February 28th    No Lunch  
March 6th  Uris 306 Pierre Yared Fiscal Rules and Discretion under Persistent Shocks
March 13th   No Lunch  
March 20th Uris 306 Shang-Jin Wei Trade reforms and current account imbalances
March 27th  Uris 306 Kenji Wada Uninsurable Risk and the Determination of Real Interest Rates: An Investigation using UK Indexed Bonds
April 3rd Uris 306    
April 10th Uris 306 Lars Hansen (Week-Long Visitor) Examining Macroeconomic Models through the Lens of Asset Pricing (with Jaroslav Borovicka)
April 17th Uris 306    
April 24th Uris 306 No Meeting  
May 1st Uris 306 Moshe Cohen  Secret Lending and Stigma: Evidence from the Federal Reserve's Emergency Lending Facilities
May 8th Uris 332 David Weinstein Firm Shocks, Bank Shocks, and Systemic Risk: Evidence from 2 million Loans