Macro Lunch 2013

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Fall 2013 Schedule

Date Room Speaker Title
Sept. 3rd
Uris 306
Serena Ng, Kyle Jurado, & Sydney Ludvigson
Measuring Uncertainty
Sept. 10th
Uris 303
Andreas Mueller
Wage Dispersion and Search Behavior
Sept. 17th
Uris 140
Emi Nakamura and Jon Steinsson
High Frequency Identification of Monetary Non-Neutrality
Sept. 24th
Uris 306
Jonathan Vogel

Oct. 1st
Uris 306
Pierre Yared
Optimal Government Debt Maturity
Oct. 8th
Uris 306
Shang-Jin Wei
Monetary Policy and Exports via the the Impossible
Oct. 15th from 12:30 to 2pm
Uris 326
Patrick Kehoe
(Money Macro Seminar)

Oct. 22nd from 12:30 to 2pm
Warren 207
Nicolas Crouzet
(Money Macro Seminar)

Oct. 29th
 from 12:30 to 2pm
Uris 326
Miguel Morin
(Money Macro Seminar)

Nov. 5th

University Holiday

Nov. 12th

No Meeting

Nov. 19th
Uris 306
Mark Gertler
Nov 26th Uris 306

Dec. 3rd Grace Dodge 363
Carlos Viana de Carvalho
Dec 10th
Uris 303
Saki Bigio

Spring 2013 Schedule

Date Room Speaker Title
February 19th
Uris 306 Rick Miskhin Crunch Time: Fiscal Crises and the Role of Monetary Policy
February 26th  
March 5th
Uris 306  Martin Oehmke
Maturity Rationing and Collective Short-Termism
March 12th

Ricardo Reis
Mis-allocation of Capital Flows: The Portuguese Lost Decade(s) and the Euro-crisis
March 19th

No Meeting (Spring Break)  
March 26h
Uris 306 Masaya Sakuragawa Monetary Policy and Bubble Cycles
April 2nd
Uris 306 Shang-Jin Wei
Roads and the Real Exchange Rate
April 9th Uris 306 Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe The Making of a Great Contraction With A Liquidity Trap and A Jobless Recovery
April 16th
Uris 306 Neil Mehrotra and Dmitriy Sergeyev
Financial Frictions and Job Creation in the Great Recession
April 23rd Uris 306  
April 30th Uris 306  Frank Lichtenberg
The Impact of Pharmaceutical Innovation on Longevity and Medical Expenditure in France, 2000-2008
May 7th Uris 306 Jessie Handbury and David Weinstein What is Inflation? Theory and Praxis