Micro Faculty Lunch

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Organizer: Amit Khandelwal

Administrative Coordinator: Christopher Vasquez

Fall 2014 Schedule

Date Room Speaker Paper
Sept. 9th Uris 306 Geoffrey Heal Feeling the Heat: Temperature, Productivity and the Wealth of Nations
Sept. 16th Uris 305 Andrea Prat The Contingent Effect of Managerial Practices: A Randomized Trial
Sept. 23rd      
Sept. 30th      
Oct. 7th Uris 332 Amit Khandelwal The Impact of Exporting: Evidence from a Randomized Trial
Oct. 14th      
Oct. 21st Uris 307 Jonas Hjort Firms' Response and Unintended Consequences of Industrial Regulations
Oct. 28th      
Nov. 4th   No Meeting  
Nov. 11th Uris 303 Jonah Rockoff Identifying Effective Teachers During the Hiring Process
Nov. 18th Uris 332 Marina Halac  
Nov. 25th   Thanksgiving  
Dec. 2nd Uris 306 Nava Ashraf "Bride Price and the Returns to Education for Women"
Dec. 9th      

Spring 2014 Schedule

Date Room Speaker Paper
March 25th Uris 307    
April 1st Uris 307 Shang-Jin Wei Sizing up market failure in export pioneering activities
April 8th Uris 329 Andreas Mueller A Contribution to the Empirics of Reservation Wages
April 15th Uris 307    
April 22nd Uris 307 Ilyana Kuziemko  
April 29th Uris 307    
May 6th Uris 327 Frank Lichtenberg The impact of biomedical knowledge accumulation on mortality: A bibliometric analysis of cancer data