Money Macro 2007

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Fall 2007 Schedule

Date Speaker University
September 11 Vasco Curdia

"Optimal Monetary Policy under Sudden Stops"
NY Fed
September 18 Martin Lettau

"Euler Equations Errors"
NYU Stern
September 25 Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe

"Optimal Simple and Implementable Monetary and Fiscal Rules" (with Martin Uribe)
October 2 Francisco Buera

"Financial Frictions and the Persistence of History: A Quantitative Exploration" (with Yongseok Shin)
October 9 Martin Uribe
"Explaining the Effects of Government Spending Shocks on Consumption and the Real Exchange Rate" (with Morten O. Ravn and Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe)
October 16 Mike Golosov

"Decentralized Trading with Private Information" (with Guido Lorenzoni and Aleh Tsyvinski)
October 23
Raquel Fernandez

"Culture as Learning: The Evolution of Female Labor Force Participation over a Century"
October 30
Ricardo Reis

"Sticky Information in General Equilibrium" (with Gregory Mankiw)
November 6 Election Day No seminar
November 13 Enrique Mendoza

"Financial Integration, Financial Deepness and Global Imbalances" (with Vincenzo Quadrini and Jose Victor Riois-Rull)
November 20 Harald Uhlig

"Leisure, Growth and Long Run Risk"
November 27 Tim Cogley

"The Market Price of Risk and the Equity Premium: A Legacy of the Great Depression?" (with Thomas J. Sargent)
UC Davis
December 4 Chris Edmond

"Income Dispersion and Counter-Cyclical Markups" (with Laura Veldkamp)
NYU Stern
December 11 Pat Kehoe

"The Behavior of Small and Large Firms over the Business Cycle''  (with V.V. Chari and Larry Christiano)

Spring 2007 Schedule

Date Speaker University
February 6 Ricardo Reis
"Measuring Inflation: The Price of the Numeraire and Its Properties"
Princeton University
February 13 Mauro Roca
"Search in the Labor Market under Imperfectly Insurable Income Risk"
Columbia University 
February 20 Ariel Burstein
"Innovation, Firm Dynamics, and International Trade"
February 27 Moshe Hazan
"Longevity and Lifetime Labor Input: Data and Implications"
Hebrew University
March 6 Seppo Honkapohja
"Anticipated Fiscal Policy and Adaptive Learning"
University of Cambridge
March 13 Spring Break  
March 20 Jeremy Greenwood
"Financing Development: The Role of Information Costs"
March 27 Nir Jaimovich
"The Young, the Old, and the Restless: Demographics and Business Cycle Volatility"
Stanford University
April 3 Jonathan Heathcoate
"Consumption and Labor Supply with Partial Insurance: An Analytical Framework" 
Georgetown University 
April 10 Mark Wright
"Restructuring the Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism"
April 17 Michele Tertilt
"Women's Liberation: What Was in it for Men?"
Stanford University
April 24 Andrea Eisfeldt
"New or Used? Investment with Credit Constraints"
Northwestern University
May 1 Ricardo Lagos
"Asset Prices and Liquidity in an Exchange Economy"