Money Macro 2008

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Fall 2008 Schedule

Date Speaker
September  2nd Andrew Atkeson
On the Need for a New Approach to Analyzing Monetary Policy
September 9th Emmanuel Farhi (PER visitor)
The Political Economy of Nonlinear Capital Taxation
September 16th Richard Rogerson
Aggregate Implication of Indivisible Labor, Incomplete Markets, and Labor Market Frictions
September 23rd Rajnish Mehra
Intermediated Quantities and Returns
September 30th Justin Svec
Optimal Fiscal Policy with Robust Control
October 7th Matthias Doepke
The Baby Boom and World War II: A Macroeconomic Analysis
October 14th Erik Hurst
Deconstructing Life Cycle Expenditure
October 21st Mai Dao
Labor Market Frictions and International Spillover of Supply-Side Reforms
October 28th Franck Portier (PER visitor)
The International Propagation of News Shocks
November 4th Mahmet Pasaogullari
Term Structure of Inflation Compensation and Inflation Risk Premia
November 11th Robert Hall
Equity Depletion from Government-Guaranteed Debt
November 18th Kjetil Storsletten
Growing Like China
November 25th Per Krusell
Asset Trading and Valuation with Uncertain Exposure
December 2nd John Haltiwanger (PER visitor)
Business Volatility, Job Destruction and Unemployment
December 9th Robert Barro
Macroeconimcs Crises Since 1870

Spring 2008 Schedule

Date Speaker University
January 23 at 2:10pm-4pm
(change in day and time)
Brent Neiman "Multinationals, Intrafirm Trades, and International Macro Dynamics" Harvard
January 29 Isaac Kleshcheski Robust Equilibrium Yield Curves" (with Nicolas Vincent) Northwestern
February 5 TBA  
February 13 at 2:10pm-4pm
(change in day and time)
Jarek Nosal "Competing for Customers: A Search Model of the Market for Unsecured Credit" (with Lukasz A. Drozd Minnesota
February 19 Guillermo Ordonez "Fragility of Reputation and Clustering in Risk-Taking" UCLA
February 26 TBA  
March 4

Mirko Wiederholt

"Business Cycle Dynamics Under Rational Inattention"
March 11 Spring Break- Business School   
March 18 Spring Break- Economics  
March 25 Simon Gilchrist

"Investment During the Korean Financial Crisis: A Structural Econometric Approach"
Boston University
April 1 Laura Veldkamp

"Information Acquisition and Under-Diversification"
April 8 John Cochrane

"Identification with Taylor Rules" and "Inflation Determination with Taylor Rules"
Chicago GSB
April 15 Gianluca Benigno

"Optimal Stabilization Policy in a Model with Endogenous Sudden Stops"
April 22 Alejandro Justiniano

"Investment Shocks and Business Cycles"
Chicago Fed
April 29 Thijs van Rens

"Wage Rigidity and Job Creation"