Money Macro 2009

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Fall 2009 Schedule

Date Speaker
September 8th Stefano Eusepi
Labor Supply Heterogeneity and Macroeconomic Co-movement (with Bruce Preston)
September 15th Narayana Kocherlakota
Bursting Bubbles: Consequences and Cures
September 22nd Greg Kaplan
Moving Back Home: Insurance Against Labor Market Risk
September 29th Iourii Manovskii
Spot Wages over the Business Cycle? (with Marcus Hagedorn)
October 6th Arunima Sinha
Learning and the Yield Curve
October 13th Ariel Burstein
Understanding Movements in Aggregate and Product-Level Real Exchange Rates (with Nir Jaimovich)
October 20th Jordi Gali
The Return of the Wage Phillips Curve
October 27th Pricila Maziero
Non-exclusive Dynamic Contracts, Competition,and the Limits of Insurance (with Laurence Ales)
November 3rd Kyung-Woo Lee
Optimal Disability Insurance with Unobservable Skill Heterogeneity
November 10th Demetris Koursaros
Labor market dynamics when (un)employment is a social norm
November 17th Guido Menzio
Efficient search on the job and the business cycle
November 24th Robert Shimer
Macroeconomics and Search (with Richard Rogerson)
December 1st Klaus Adam
Asset Price Booms and Busts’ (with Albert Marcet)
December 8th Virgiliu Midrigan

Spring 2009 Schedule

Date Speaker
January 20th Aleh Tsyvinski
January 27th Varadarajan V. Chari
Sophisticated Monetary Policies
February 3rd Andrew B. Abel
How Q and Cash Flow Affect Investment without Frictions: An Analytic Explanation
February 10th Benjamin Olken
Climate Shocks and Economic Growth:
Evidence from the Last Half Century
February 17th Hugo Hopenhayn
Equilibrium Default
February 24th
Marina Azzimonti
Analyzing the Case for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
March 3rd Mark Aguiar
Growth in the Shadow of Expropriation
March 10th No Seminar (Spring Break)
March 17th No Seminar (Spring Break)
March 24th Giorgio Primiceri
Learning the Wealth of Nations
March 31st Gauti Eggertsson
Can Tax Cuts Deepen Recessions?
April 7th Fernando Alvarez
Search and Rest Unemployment
Unions and Unemployment
April 14th Lukasz A. Drozd
Long-run Price elasticity of Trade and the Trade-Comovement Puzzle
April 21st Fatih Guvenen
Taxation of Human Capital and Cross-Country Trends in Wage Inequality
April 28th Roger Guesnerie
Macroeconomic and Monetary Policies from the Educative Viewpoint
May 5th Francesco Caselli
Resource Abundance, Development, and Living Standards: Evidence from Oil Discoveries in Brazil