Money Macro 2010

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Fall 2010 Schedule

Date Speaker
September 7th Kevin Sheedy
"A model of equilibrium institutions" (with Bernardo Guimaraes)
September 14th Roozbeh Hosseini
Adverse Selection in the Annuity Market and the Role for Social Security
September 21st Robert Kollman (PER guest)
"Global Banking and International Business Cycles" (with Zeno Enders and Gernot J. Müller)
September 28th Eric Sims
Reallocation and the Changing Nature of Economic Fluctuations (with Julio Garin and Michael Pries)
October 5th Nicola Pavoni (PER guest)
Optimal Income Taxation with Asset Accumulation (with Árpád Ábrahám and Sebastian Koehne)
October 12th Guilherme Martins (PhD Student)
The Credit Dimension of Monetary Policy: Lessons from Developing Economies under Sudden Stops
October 19th Guillermo Ordonez
Optimal Regulation in the Presence of Reputation Concerns (with Andrew Atkeson and Christian Hellwig).
October 26th Randall Wright
A two-part talk on "Endogenous Credit Cycles" and "Banking: A Mechanism Design Approach"
November 2nd Kjetil Storesletten
From Wages to Welfare: Decomposing Gains and Losses From Rising Inequality (with Jonathan Heathcote and Gianluca Violante)
November 9th Veronica Guerrieri
“Credit Crises, Precautionary Savings and the Liquidity Trap” (with Guido Lorenzoni)
November 16th Juan Rubio-Ramirez
Fortune or Virtue: Time-Variant Volatilities Versus Parameter Drifting in U.S. Data (with Jesús Fernández-Villaverde and Pablo Guerrón-Quintana)
November 23rd Fabrizio Perri
International recessions (with Vincenzo Quadrini)
November 30th Pricila Maziero
Accounting for Private Information
December 7th Giorgio Primiceri
Potential and optimal output (with Alejandro Justiniano,and Andrea Tambalotti)
December 14th Yuriy Gorodnichenko
Information Rigidity and the Expectations Formation Process: A Simple Framework and New Facts (with Olivier Coibion)
December 21st Mark Aguiar
Has Consumption Inequality Mirrored Income Inequality?

Spring 2010 Schedule

Date Speaker
February 9th Mark Watson
Indicators for Dating Business Cycles: Cross-History Selection and Comparisons (with James Stock)
February 16th Larry Jones
Risk Sharing, Inequality, and Fertility (with Roozbeh Hosseini and Ali Shourideh)
February 23rd Victor Rios-Rull
Credit Lines (with Xavier Mateos-Planas)
March 2nd Manuel Amador
Learning from Prices: Public Communication and Welfare (with Pierre-Olivier Weill)
March 9th CBS Spring Break
March 16th Econ Spring Break
March 23rd Alwyn Young
Real Consumption Measures for the Poorer Regions of the World
March 30th Ananth Seshadri
Neoclassical Miracles (with Rodolfo E. Manuelli)
April 6th Alberto Alesina
Family Values and the Regulation of Labor (with Yann Algan and Pierre Cahuc)
April 13th Marco Bassetto
Public Investment and Budget Rules for State vs. Local Governments
April 20th
Change in time and Room:  12:30-2pm in Uris 306
Nicola Pavoni
Ramsey Asset Taxation Under Asymmetric Information
April 20th, 4:15-5:45 in 1027 IAB Paul Romer
Ideas, Rules, and Norms
April 27th Peter Howitt
Banks, Market Organization and Macroeconomic Performance: An Agent-Based Computational Analysis (with Quamrul Ashraf and Boris Gershman)
May 4th Dirk Krueger
Are Recessions Good for Young People? (with Jonathan Heathcote and Jose-Victor Rios-Rull)