Money Macro 2012

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Fall 2012 Schedule

Date Speaker
September 4th Ivan Werning
Fiscal Unions
September 11th Francesco Bianchi
Dormant Shocks and Fiscal Virtue (with Leonardo Melosi)
September 18th Roger Myerson
A Model of Moral-Hazard Credit Cycles
September 25th Jose Scheinkman
Cream skimming in financial markets (with Patrick Bolton and Tano Santos)
October 2nd David Love (Week-Long Visitor)
Optimal Rules of Thumb for Consumption and Portfolio Choice
October 9th Jean-Paul L'Huillier
Consumers' Imperfect Information and Price Rigidities
October 16th Mark Dean (PER Visitor)
Shannon Entropy and Rational Inattention: Solutions, Behavioral Regularities, and Extensions (with Andrew Caplin)
October 23rd Giancarlo Corsetti (PER Visitor)
The Mystery of the Printing Press: Self-fulfilling debt crises and monetary sovereignty (with Luca Dedola)
October 30th Maria Jose Prados
Health and Earnings Inequality over the Life Cycle
November 6th Neil Mehrotra
Sectoral Shocks, the Beveridge Curve and Monetary Policy (with Dmitriy Sergeyev)
November 13th Zhiguo He (Week-Long Visitor)
A Macroeconomic Framework for Quantifying Systemic Risk (with Arvind Krishnamurthy)
November 20th Mark Wright
Human Capital Risk, Contract Enforcement and Macroeconomy (with Tom Krebs and Moritz Kuhn)
November 27th Javier Bianchi (Week-Long Visitor)
International Reserves and Rollover Risk (with Juan Carlos Hatchondo and Leonardo Martinez)
December 4th Vaidyanathan Venkateswaran
Pledgability and Liquidity: A New Monetarist Model of Macro and Financial Activity (with Randy Wright)
December 11th Andy Abel
The Analytics of Investment, q, and Cash Flow

Spring 2012 Schedule

Date Speaker
January 24th Job Market
January 31st Job Market
February 7th Job Market
February 14th Job Market
February 21st Job Market
February 28th Pascal Michaillat (Week-Long Visitor)
A Model of Equilibrium Unemployment with Job Rationing
March 6th Gianluca Violante
Measuring Mismatch in the U.S. Labor Market (with Aysegul Sahin, Joseph Song, and Giorgio Topa)
March 13th Spring Break
March 20th Charles I. Jones
Life and Growth
March 27th Vincenzo Quadrini
Financial Markets and Unemployment (with Tommaso Monacelli and Antonella Trigari)
April 3rd Erik Hurst (Week-Long Visitor)
The Allocation of Talent and U.S. Economic Growth (with Chang-Tai Hsieh, Charles I. Jones, and Peter Klenow)
April 10th Christian Hellwig
A Theory of Asset Prices based on Hetergenous Information (with Elias Albagli and Aleh Tsyvinski)
April 17th Dimitris Papanikolaou
Technological Innovation, Resource Allocation, and Growth (with Leonid Kogan, Amit Seru and Noah Stoffman)
April 24th Matthew Shapiro
Portfolio Rebalancing in General Equilibrium (with Miles S. Kimball, Tyler Shumway, and Jing Zhang)
May 1st Raj Chetty
Bounds on Elasticities with Optimization Frictions: A Synthesis of Micro and Macro Evidence on Labor Supply