Money Macro 2014

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Tuesdays, 4:15-5:45 p.m.
Room 1101
11th floor, International Affairs Building

For any questions regarding the seminar schedule, please contact:
Andreas Mueller, 212-854-0248, [email protected]
Jennifer La'O, 212-854-8059, [email protected]

Fall 2014 Schedule

Date Speaker
Sept 2nd Franck Portier
Reconciling Hayek's and Keynes' views of recessions (with Paul Beaudry And Dana Galiziay)
Sept 9th Sebastian Di Tella
Optimal Financial Regulation and the Concentration of Aggregate Risk
Sept 16th Robert Barro (Week-Long Visitor)
Safe Assets
Sept 23rd Rob Shimer
Decomposing Duration Dependence in the Job Finding Rate in a Stopping Time Model (with Fernando Alvarez and Katrina Borovickova)
Sept 30th Hanno Lustig
The Term Structure of Currency Carry Trade Risk Premia (with Andreas Stathopoulos and Adrien Verdelhan)
Oct 7th Michael Weber
Are Sticky Prices Costly? Evidence from the Stock Market
Oct 14th Seungjun Baek (job talk)
Securitization, Stability, and Optimal Regulation
Oct 21st Nikhil Patel (job talk)
Credit Constraints, Trade Finance and the Cost Channel of Monetary Policy in Open Economies
Oct 28th Carlos Montes-Galdon (job talk)
Estimating Volatility Shocks
Nov 4th University Holiday
Nov 11th Nir Jaimovich
Frugal Consumers and the Labor Market (with Sergio Rebelo and Arlene Wong)
Nov 18th Loukas Karabarbounis ( Week-Long Visitor)
Productivity and Capital Allocation in Europe
Nov 25th Ezra Oberfield
Micro Data and Macro Technology (with Devesh Raval)
Dec 2nd Giorgio Primiceri
Dec 9th Chris Tonetti

Spring 2014 Schedule

Date Speaker
Feb. 18th Sergio Rebelo
Non-linear Effects of taxation on Growth (with Nir Jaimovich)
Feb. 25th Ariel Zetlin-Jones
Efficient Financial Crises
March 4th Mike Golosov
Redistribution and Social Insurance (with Maxim Troshkin and Aleh Tsyvinski)
March 11th Emmanuel Farhi
A Theory of Macroprudential Policies in the Presence of Nominal Rigidities (with Ivan Werning)
March 18th Spring Recess
March 25th Dean Corbae
Capital Requirements in a Quantitative Model of Banking Industry Dynamics (with Pablo D'Erasmo)
April 1st Vasco Carvalho
Firm Dynamics and the Granular Hypothesis (with Basile Grassi)
April 8th Matthew Weinzierl
Revisiting the Classical View of Benefit-Based Taxation
April 15th Thomas Chaney
The Gravity Equation in International Trade: An Explanation
April 22nd Lars Hansen (PER Visitor)
Shock Elasticities and Impulse Responses (with Jaroslav Borovicka and Jose Scheinkman)
April 29th Helene Rey
Finanical Integration and Growth in a Risky World (with Nicolas Coeurdacier and Pablo Winant)
May 6th V.V. Chari (week-long visitor)
On the Optimality of Financial Repression (with Alessandro Dovis and Patrick Kehoe)