Money-Macro Workshop 2016

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Tuesdays, 4:15-5:45 p.m.
Room 1101
11th floor, International Affairs Building

For any questions regarding the seminar schedule, please contact:
Christian Moser, [email protected]
Andres Drenik, [email protected]

Fall 2016

Date Speaker
Sept. 6th Jeremy Lise
The Macro-dynamics of Sorting between Workers and Firms (with Jean-Marc Robin)
Sept. 13th. Ivan Werning
Incomplete Markets and Aggregate Demand
Sept. 20th Erik Hurst
Leisure Luxuries and the Labor Supply of Young Men
Sept. 27th Kyle Herkenhoff
How Credit Constraints Impact Job Finding Rates, Sorting & Aggregate Output (with Gordon Phillips and  Ethan Cohen-Cole)
Oct. 4th Benjamin Schoefer
Employment Fluctuations Along the Aggregate Labor Supply Curve
Oct. 11th Eduardo Davila
Optimal Joint Bond Design (with Charles-Henri Weymuller)
Oct. 18th Stephane Dupraz
A Kinked-Demand Theory of Price Rigidity
Oct. 25th Fabrizio Perri
Exchange Rates Policies at the Zero Lower Bound (with Manuel Amador, Javier Banchi, and Luigi Bocola)
Nov. 1st Amir Kermani
How Quantitative Easing Works: Evidence on the Refinancing Channel (with Marco Di Maggio and Christopher Palmer)
Nov. 8th No Meeting- Election Day
Nov. 15th Guido Menzio
Agency Business Cycles (with Mike Golosov)
Nov. 22nd. Giuseppe Moscarini
The Job Ladder: Inflation vs Reallocation (with Fabien Postel-Vinay)
Nov. 29th Tommaso Porzio
Cross-country Differences in the Optimal Allocation of Talent and Technology
Dec. 6th Jesse Schreger
Sovereign Risk, Currency Risk, and Corporate Balance Sheets (with Wenxin Du)


Spring 2016

Date Speaker
Jan. 19th Job Talk
Jan 26th from 12:30 to 2pm Lint Barrage
Jan 26th Job Talk
Feb 2nd Job Talk
Feb 9th Job Talk
Feb 11th Job Talk
Feb 16th Job Talk
Feb. 23rd Job Talk
March 1st Dimitris Papanikolaou
In Search of Ideas: Technological Innovation and Executive Pay Inequality (with Carola Frydman)
March 8th Xavier Gabaix
Behavioral macroeconomics, with application to the New Keynesian model
Paper 1: A Behavioral New Keynesian Model
Paper 2: Behavioral Macroeconomics via Sparse Dynamic Programming
March 15th No Meeting
March 22nd Lee Ohanian
The Decline of the Rust Belt: A Macroeconomic Analysis
March 29th Fabrizio Zilibotti
Sovereign Debt and Structural Reforms
April 5th Eran Yashiv
Frictions in DSGE Models: Revisiting New Keynesian vs New Classical Results (with Renato Faccini)
April 12th Joseph Zeira
A New Way to Measure Divergence of Output across Countries (with Michele Battisti and Gianfranco di Vaio)
April 19th Ariel Burstein
Aggregate Implications of Innovation Policy (with Andrew Atkeson)
April 26th Mark Aguiar
Belief Regimes and Sovereign Debt Crises (with S. Chatterjee, H. Cole and Z. Stang)
May 3rd Fernando Alvarez
Price plans and the real effects of monetary policy (with Francesco Lippi)