PhD Curriculum

The PhD program provides students with rigorous training in various aspects of theoretical and applied research. The program aims to train scholars who go on to conduct original research as faculty members of leading global institutions.

At Columbia Business School, faculty members and doctoral students study a wide variety of subjects, including theoretical and empirical asset pricing, corporate finance, information micro-structure economics, environmental economics, econometric methods, international trade and finance, behavioral finance, real options, real estate, theoretical and applied micro and macro-economics, general equilibrium theory, banking and financial markets, development, industrial organization, government policy, and industrial relations.

The doctoral program in Finance and Economics comprises a two-year core sequence of courses to be taken by all students, which allows considerable flexibility to specialize in different areas of finance or economics. Required core courses include sequences of micro- and macro-economics, statistics and econometrics, finance theory, and theoretical and empirical asset pricing, and corporate finance. Students are encouraged to work closely with the division's faculty members as early as their first year to develop significant research.

While entry is highly competitive, the program accepts applicants from all backgrounds with minimum mathematical skill requirements of one year of calculus and one course each in linear algebra, probability, and statistics.

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PhD Finance and Economics Classes Taught in the Business School:

Fall 2016
B9206-001 Economic Analysis
B9208-001 Economic Analysis II
B9302-002 Finance Theory I
B9317-001  Corporate Finance Theory 
B9319-001 Asset Pricing I
B9323-001  Introduction to Econometrics and Statistical Inference
B9329-001 Empirical Corporate Finance

Spring 2017

B9209-001 Economic Theory III
B9211-001 Economic Theory IV
B9218-001 Organizational Economics
B9304-001  Models & Methods of Continuous Time Finance
B9310-001 Behavorial Finance
B9320-001 Empirical Asset Pricing II
B9325-001 Financial Econometrics: Time series
B9326-001 Financial Econometrics: Panel Data
B9330-001 Microstructure Theory
B9331-001 Asset Pricing I
B9332-001 Corporate Theory