Finance Seminar 2008

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Fall 2008 Schedule

Date Speaker Paper
September 4th Ian Martin  The Lucas Orchard
September 11th Holger Mueller  Does Corporate Governance Matter in Competitive Industries? (with Xavier Giroud)
September 18th Stanley Zin  Term Premium Dynamics and the Taylor Rule (with Michael Gallmeyer, Burton Hollifield, and Francisco Palomino)
September 25th Christopher Hennessy  Security Design and the Informational Role of Prices
October 2nd Matthew Spiegel  Time Varying Corporate Capital Stocks and the Cross Section and Intertemporal Variation in Stock Returns (with Jacob Sagi, and Masahiro Watanabe
October 9th Chenggang Xu  Does Financial Regulation Matter? Market Volatility and the US 1933/34 Acts (with Sheng Li)
October 16th    
October 23rd Ilya Strebulaev The Aggregate Dynamics of Capital Structure and Macroeconomic Risk (with Harjoat S. Bhamra and Lars-Alexander Kuehn)
October 30th Luigi Guiso A Test of Narrow Framing and its Origin
November 6th Ulf Axelson Investment Banking Careers (with Philip Bond)
November 13th Alex Edmans Governance Through Exit and Voice: A Theory of Multiple Blockholders (with Gustavo Manso)
November 20th Alexander Ljungqvist Testing Asymmetric-Information Asset Pricing Models (with Bryan Kelly)
November 27th Thanksgiving  
December 4th Rajkamal Iyer Understanding Bank Runs: The Importance of Depositor-Bank Relationships and Networks (with Manju Puri)
December 11th    

Spring 2008 Schedule

Date Speaker Paper
January 10, 2008  Job Market Candidate  
January 17, 2008  Job Market Candidate  
January 24, 2008  Job Market Candidate  
January 31, 2008  Job Market Candidate  
February 7, 2008    
February 14, 2008    
February 21, 2008    
February 28, 2008  Joshua Rauh The Composition and Priority of Corporate Debt: Evidence from Fallen Angels (with Amir Sufi)
March 6, 2008  Nittai Bergman
Room Change- 416 Warren
 Liquidation Values and the Credibility of Financial Contract Renegotiation: Evidence from U.S. Airlines (with Efraim Benmelech)
March 13, 2008  Spring Break  
March 20, 2008  Arvind Krishnamurthy  Intermediary Asset Pricing
March 27, 2008  Rafael Repullo  The Procyclical Effects of Basel II (with Javier Suarez)
April 3, 2008  Raghuram Rajan  Landed Interests and Financial Underdevelopment in the United States (with Rodney Ramcharan)
April 10, 2008  Raman Uppal A Generalized Approach to Portfolio Optimization: Improving Performance by Constraining Portfolio Norms (with Victor DeMiguel, Lorenzo Garlappi, and Francisco J. Nogales)
April 17, 2008  Itay Goldstein  Market-Based Corrective Actions: The Case of Bank Supervision (with Philip Bond and Edward Simpson Prescott)
April 24, 2008  Eric Ghysels  News - good or bad- and its impact on volatility predictions over multiple horizons (with Xilong Chen)
May 1, 2008 Lars Hansen Modeling the Long Run: Valuation in Dynamic Stochastic Economies