Finance Seminar 2011

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Fall 2011 Schedule

Date Room Speaker Title
September 8th Uris 332 Kelly Shue Executive Networks and Firm Policies: Evidence from the Random Assignment of MBA Peers
September 15th  Uris 332 Geoff Tate The Bright Side of Corporate Diversification: Evidence from Internal Labor Markets (with Lui Yang)
September 22nd 363 Grace Dodge Atif Mian What Explains High Unemployment? The Deleveraging – Aggregate Demand Hypothes (with Amir Sufi)
September 29th Uris 141 Wei Xiong Risk and the Seismology of Commodity Futures Markets
October 6th Uris 329 Gustavo Manso Feedback Effects of Credit Ratings
October 13th Uris 303 Robert Shiller Finance and the Good Society
October 20th Uris 307 Michael Weisbach Pay for Performance from Future Fund Flows: The Case of Private Equity (with Ji-Woong Chung, Berk Sensoy, and Lea Sensoy)
October 27th Uris 303 Luigi Zingales  
November 3rd Uris 303 Andrew Lo The Orgin of Behavior (with Thomas Brennan)
November 10th Uris 332 Ingrid Werner Diving Into Dark Pools (with Sabrina Buti and Barbara Rindi)
November 17th Uris 303 Andrea Eisfeldt The Joint Dynamics of Internal and External Finance (with Tyler Muir)
November 24th   Thanksgiving  
December 1st Uris 303  Chris Malloy Misvaluing Innovation (Lauren Cohen and Karl Diether)
December 8th Uris 3303 Frederic Malherbe  

Spring 2011 Schedule

Date Speaker Title
February 24th Yacine Ait-Sahalia  Modeling Financial Contagion Using Mutally Exciting Jump Processes (with Julio Cacho-Diaz and Roger Laeven)
March 3rd Martin Lettau Shocks and Crashes (with Sydney Ludvigson)
March 10th Steven Kaplan The Effects of Stock Lending on Security Prices: An Experiment (with Tobias Moskowitz and Berk Sensoy)
March 17th Spring Break  
March 24th Anna Obizhaeva Market Microstructure Invariants (with Albert Kyle
March 31st Camelia Kuhnen Serotonin and Risk Taking: How do Genes Change Financial Choices? (with Gregory Samanez-Larkin and Brian Knutson)
April 7th Christian Opp Rating Agencies in the Face of Regulation: Rating Inflation and Regulatory Arbitrage (with Marcus Opp and Milton Harris)
April 14th Snehal Banerjee Information Quality and the Cross-Section of Expected Returns (with Chris Armstrong and Carlos Corona)
April 21st Darrell Duffie Capital Mobility and Asset Pricing (with Bruno Strulovici)
April 28th Anat Admati Fallacies, Irrelevant Facts, and Myths in the Discussion of Capital Regulation: Why Bank Equity is Not Expensive (with Peter DeMarzo, Martin Hellwig and Paul Pfleiderer
May 5th Nicholas Souleles Consumer Spending and the Economic Stimulus Payments of 2008 (with Jonathan Parker, David Johnson and Robert McClelland)
May 12th Motohiro Yogo Health and Mortality Delta: Assessing the Welfare Cost of Household Insurance Choice (with Ralph Koijen and Stijm Van Nieuwerburgh)