Finance Seminar 2012

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Fall 2012 Schedule

Date Room Speaker Title
September 6th Uris 330 David Scharfstein "The Growth of Modern Finance" (with Robin Greenwood)
September 13th Uris 330 Ing-Haw Cheng "Wall Street and the Housing Bubble" (with Sahil Raina and Wei Xiong)
September 20th at 12:30pm Uris 330 Francisco Perez-Gonzalez “Capital Structure and Taxes: What Happens When You (Also) Subsidize Equity?” (with Frédéric Panier and Pablo Villanueva)
September 27th Uris 330 Yael Hochberg Local Overweighting and Underperformance: Evidence from Limited Partner Private Equity Investments (with Joshua Rauh)
October 4th Uris 330 Dimitris Papanikolau Technological Innovation: Winners and Losers (with Leonid Kogan amd Noah Stoffman)
October 11th Uris 330 Andrei Shleifer Money Doctors (with Nicola Gennaioli and Robert Vishny)
October 18th Uris 301 No Meeting  
October 25th Uris 330 Anna Kovner How do Global Banks Scramble for Liquidity? Evidence from the Asset-Backed Commercial Paper Freeze of 2007 (withViral A. Acharya and Gara Afonso)
November 1st  Uris 330 Dong Lou Industry Window Dressing (with Huaizhi Chen and Lauren Cohen)
November 8th Uris 326 Vikrant Vig Cultural Proximity and Loan Outcomes (with Raymond Fisman and Daniel Paravisini)
November 15th Uris 330 Stavros Panageas An Overlapping-Arcs Model of Partial Integration, Asset Prices, and Capital Allocation (with Nicolae Garleanu and Jianfeng Yu)
November 22nd   Thanksgiving  
November 29th Uris 330 Raghu Sundaram CDS Auctions and Informative Biases in CDS Recovery Rates (with Sudip Gupta)
December 6th Uris 330 Julian Franks The Ownership of Japanese Corporations in the 20th Century (with Colin Mayer and Hideaki Miyajima)

Spring 2012 Schedule

Date Room Speaker Title
January 12th Warren 416 Job Market Candidate  
January 19th Uris 331 Job Market Candidate  
January 26th Uris 332 Job Market Candidate  
February 2nd Uris 332 Job Market Candidate  
February 9th   Job Market Candidate  
February 16th   Job Market Candidate  
February 23rd Uris 329 Efraim Benmelech Repossession and the Democratization of Credit (with Juliano Assuncao and Fernando Silva)
March 1st Uris 332 Lasse Pedersen Embedded Leverage (with Andrea Frazzini)
March 8th Uris 301 Alex Edmans Financing Through Assest Sales (with Willam Mann)
March 15th   No Lunch (Spring Break)  
March 22nd Uris 329 Amit Seru Inconsistent Regulators: Evidence from Banking (with Sumit Agarwal, David Lucca, and Francesco Trebbi)
March 29th Uris 332 Michael Roberts Do Peer Firms Affect Corporate Financial Policy? (with Mark Leary)
April 5th Uris 332 David Hirshleifer Self-Enhancing Transmission Bias and Active Investing (with Bing Han)
April 12th Uris 332 Richard Zeckhauser The Behavior of Savings and Asset Prices When Preferences and Beliefs are Heterogeneous (with Ngoc-Khanh Tran)
April 19th Uris 332 David Matsa CEO Compensation and Corporate Risk-Taking: Evidence from a Natural Experiment (with Todd A. Gormley, and Todd Milbourn)
April 26th Uris 332 Lu Zhang An Equilibrium Asset Pricing Model with Labor Market Search (with Lars-Alexander Kuehn and Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau)
May 3rd at 12:15am   Jonathan Lewellen The Cross Section of Expected Stock Returns
May 10th  363 Grace Dodge David Laibson Natural Expectations, Macroeconomics Dynamics, and Asset Pricing (with Andreas Fuster, and Benjamin Hebert)