Finance Seminar 2014

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Finance Seminar
Thursdays, 2:15-3:45
Uris Hall

Coordinators: Emily Breza and Marco Di Maggio

Fall 2014 Schedule

Date Room Speaker Title
Sept. 4th Uris 330 Victoria Vanasco Information Acquisition vs. Liquidity in Financial Markets. 
Sept. 11th Uris 331 Ashwini Agrawal Private Equity, Technological Investment, and Labor Outcomes (with Prasanna Tambe)
Sept. 18th Uris 330 Harrison Hong When Everyone Misses on the Same Side: Debiased Earnings Surprises and Stock Returns (with Chin-Han Chiang, Wei Dai, Jianqing Fan, and Jun Tu)
Sept. 25th Uris 330 Matteo Maggiori Very Long-Run Discount Rates (with Stefano Giglio and Johannes Stroebel)
Oct. 2nd Uris 330 Adair Morse Stock Returns over the FOMC Cycle (with Anna Cieslak and Annette Vissing-Jorgensen)
Oct. 9th Uris 331 Luc Laeven Bank Leverage and Monetary Policy’s Risk-Taking Channel: Evidence from the United States (with Giovanni Dell'Ariccia and Gustavo Suarez)
Oct. 16th   No Meeting  
Oct. 23rd Uris 326 Ken Singleton
Learning, Dispersion of Beliefs, and Risk Premiums in an Arbitrage-free Term Structure Model
Oct. 30th Uris 326 Itay Goldstein Good Disclosure, Bad Disclosure (with Liyan Yang)
Nov. 6th Uris 326 Atif Main  
Nov. 13th Uris 326 Enrico Perotti Insecure Debt (with Rafael Matta)
Nov. 20th Uris 326 Todd Gormley Passive Investors, Not Passive Owners (with Ian Appel and Donald Keim)
Nov. 27th   Thanksgiving  
Dec. 4th Uris 326 Dirk Jenter  

Spring 2014 Schedule

Date Room Speaker Title
Feb 11th Grace Dodge 457 Andrea Eisfeldt The Market for OTC Derivatives (with Andrew Atkeson, Pierre-Olivier Weill)
Feb. 13 Uris 330 Viral Acharya Financial Dependence and Innovation: The Case of Public versus Private Firms (with Zhaoxia Xu)
Feb. 20 Uris 330 Tim McQuade Stochastic Volatility and Asset Pricing Puzzles
Feb. 27th Uris 330 Greg Duffee Expected inflation and other determinants of Treasury yields
March 6th Uris 330 Murillo Campello Is the Stock Market Just A Slide Show?  Evidence from a Structural Reform (with Rafael Ribas and Albert Wang)
March 13th   No Meeting  
March 20th   No Meeting  
March 27th Uris 330 Ralph Koijen Shadow Insurance (with Motohiro Yogo)
April 3rd Uris 330 Xavier Giroud The Impact of Venture Capital Monitoring: Evidence from a Natural Experiment (with Shai Bernstein and Richard Towsend)
April 10th Uris 330 Mark Garmaise Does More Information Lead to More Financing? Local Information Shocks and Bank Credit? (with Gabriel Natividad)
April 17th Uris 330 Kenneth French A Five-Factor Asset Pricing Model (with Eugene Fama)
April 24th Uris 330 Vincent Glode Adverse Selection and Intermediation Chains (with Christian Opp)
May 1st Uris 330 Jose Luis Peydro Macroprudential Policy, Countercyclical Bank Capital Buffers and Credit Supply: Evidence from the Spanish Dynamic Provisioning Experiments (with Gabriel Jiménez, Steven Ongena, and Jesús Saurina)