Finance Free Lunch 2010-2011

Fall 2010 Schedule

Date Room Speaker  Subject 
September 9th   Tano Santos  
September 16th   Jeremy Stein  
September 23rd   Jialin Yu  
September 30th   Paul Tetlock How Wise are Crowds? Insights from Retail Orders and Stock Returns
October 7th   Maria Guadalupe  
October 14th   Andrew Hertzberg  
October 21st   Martin Oehmke  
October 28th   Maxim Ulrich  
November 4th   Daniel Paravisini  
November 11th from 11:30 to 12:30 in Uris 330   Vyacheslav Fos (PhD Student)  
November 18th   Yiqun Mou (PhD Student)  
December 2nd   Neng Wang  
December 9th   Tano Santos  
December 16th   Morten Sorensen  

Spring 2011 Schedule

Date Room Speaker  Subject 
January 13th Uris 331 Paul Tetlock The Cross Section of Over-the-Counter Equities
January 20th   No Lunch  
January 27th Uris 331 Shang-Jin Wei Sex ratios, entrepreneurship, and economic growth in the People’s Republic of China
February 3rd Uris 331 Kent Daniel Momentum Crashes
February 10th Uris 331 Yeon-Koo Che  
February 17th Uris 331 Claudia Moise Myopic Extrapolation, Price Momentum, and Price Reversal
February 24th Uris 331 Chris Mayer Speculation and Asset Pricing in the Housing Market
March 3rd Uris 331 Doron Nissim Relative Valuation of U.S. Insurance Companies
March 10th Uris 141 Carsten Bienz The Defeasance of Control Rights
March 17th Uris 331 Spring Break  
March 24th Uris 331 Neng Wang Dynamics of Entrepreneurship under Incomplete Markets
March 31st Uris 331 NO LUNCH  
April 7th Uris 307 Mike Chernov Sources of entropy in representative agent models
April 14th Uris 331 Tri Vi Dang Repo, Haircuts and Liquidity
April 21st Uris 331 Daniel Paravisini Social Proximity and Loan Outcomes: Evidence from an Indian Bank
April 28th Uris 331 Moshe Cohen The Economic Consequences of Financial Constraints in a Crisis: Evidence from the FASB 160 Rule
May 5th Uris 301    
May 12th Uris 331