Finance Free Lunch 2015-2016

We meet on Thursdays between 12:30 and 1:30. (Please note: This seminar is restricted to Faculty)

Organized by Michaela Pagel and Mauricio Larrain

Fall 2015

Date Room Speaker  Subject 
Sept. 3rd Uris 331    
Sept. 10th Uris 303 Yasushi Hamao Selective Disclosure: The Case of Nikkei Preview Articles
Sept. 17th Uris 331 Wei Jiang Influencing Control: Jawboning in Risk Arbitrage
Sept. 24th Uris 331 Emily Breza The Labor Market Impacts of Credit Market Information
Oct. 1st Uris 333 Harry Mamaysky Does Unusual News Forecast Market Stress?
Oct. 8th Uris 333 Stephen Zeldes How Much do Retirement Savings Accounts Cost the Government?
Oct. 15th   No Seminar  
Oct. 22nd Uris 331 Guojon Chen Corporate Financing and Investment under Aggregate Uncertainty
Oct. 29th Uris 331 Arpit Gupta Foreclosure Contagion and the Neighborhood Spillover Effects of Mortgage Defaults
Nov. 5th Uris 331 Michaela Pagel  
Nov. 12th Uris 331 Byeong-Je An Equilibrium Asset Prices and Manager’s Contracts: An Application to Private Equity Fund
Nov. 19th Uris 331 No Meeting  
Nov. 26th   Thanksgiving  
Dec. 3rd Uris 331 Jonas Hjort  

Spring 2016

Date Room Speaker  Subject 
Jan. 28th Uris 331 Jonas Hjort Ethnic Investment in Firms
Feb. 4th Uris 332    
Feb 11th Uris 331 Christian Gollier  
Feb. 18th Uris 331 David Rothschild Trading Strategies and Manipulation: evidence from prediction markets
Feb. 25th Uris 332 Charles Calomiris Mortgages market conditions and elections
March 3rd Uris 330    
March 10th   No Seminar  
March 17th   No Seminar  
March 24th Uris 331 Yaron Levi Information Architecture and Intertemporal Choice: A Randomized Field Experiment in the United States
March 31st Uris 331 Joshua Mitts  
April 7th Uris 331 Emily Breza Measuring the Average Impacts of Credit: Evidence from the Indian Microfinance Crisis
April 14th Uris 331    
April 21st Uris 331 Kent Daniel/Tano Santos  
April 28th Uris 331 Lars Lochstoer