PhD Seminars 2008

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Fall 2008 Schedule

Date Student Paper
September 15th Angela Maddaloni Does monetary policy affect bank credit standards? Evidence from the euro are Bank Lending Survey?
September 22nd Krista Schwarz Mind the Gap: Disentangling Credit and Liquidity in Risk Spreads
September 29th Andreas Stathopoulos Asset Prices and Risk Sharing in Open Economies
November 17th Huidan Lin The Costs of Large Shareholders: Evidence from China
November 24th Yongxiang Wang  
December 2nd
in Uris 327
Yael Eisenthal  
December 10th from 12:30-1:30 in room 329 Oliver Faltin-Traeger  

Spring 2008 Schedule

Date Student Title Remarks
1/28/2008 Sudarshan Gururaj The Macroeconomic Determinants of Credit Spread Changes  
2/4/2008 Yael Eisenthal Pricing of LBO risk in  credit spreads  
2/18/2008  Vyacheslav Fos When Future Consumption Affects Well Being (with Arik Kuznitz and Shmuel Kandel)  
2/25/2008 Andreas Stathopoulos Asset prices and risk sharing in open economies  
3/3/2008 Yongxiang Wang Profiting from Government Stakes in a Command Economy: Evidence from Chinese Asset Sales (joint work with Charles Calomiris and Raymond Fisman)  
3/10/2008 Spring Break    
3/24/2008 Margarita Tsoutsoura Should countries support dynastic management? Evidence from a natural experiment  
3/31/2008 Krista Schwarz Are Speculators Informed?  
(10:30-11:15 am)
Giselle Guzman Using Sentiment Surveys to Predict GDP Growth and Stock Returns  
(in Uris 301)
Dongyoup Lee Asset Pricing Using a Possibly Misspecified Model (joint with Jialin Yu)