PhD Seminars 2012

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Fall 2012 Schedule

Date Student Title
September 10th Andres Liberman The Value of Reputation: Evidence From Credit Card Renegotiations
September 17th Juanita Gonzalez  
September 24th Shinjinee Chattopadhyay  
October 1st Zhongjin Lu  
October 8th Fancisco Urzua Non Controlling Blocks
October 15th Bingxu Chen  
October 22nd Bronson Argyle  
October 29th Cancelled  
November 5th Jaehyun Cho  
November 12th Li An  
November 19th Anatoli Segura (CEMFI)  
November 26th Mattia Landoni  
December 3rd Diego Ronchetti  
December 10th Jun Kyung Auh  

Spring 2012 Schedule

Date Student Title
January 23rd    
January 30th    
February 6th    
February 13th Arpit Gupta Health Events and Consumer Bankruptcy: Evidence from Automobile Crashes
February 20th Bronson Argly Portfolio Spillover Risk
February 27th Jun Kyung Auh Financing decision between stability and profitability in shadow banking system
March 5th Shinjinee Chattopadhyay Explaining the Racial Gap in Business Ownership
March 12th Spring Break  
March 19th Jia Guo Expert Recommendations and Inattentive Investors
March 26th Shi Fangzhou  
April 2nd Assaf Shtauber The effects of access to mainstream financial services on the American poor
April 9th Andres Liberman  
April 16th Shi Fangzhou  
April 23rd Junaita Gonzalez  
April 30th Ravinda Sastry