If you are an MBA student and would like to request the waiver of a Finance course pre-requisite, please make your case by sending a detailed email to MBAfinancewaivers@gsb.columbia.edu describing your relevant experience and/or coursework taken elsewhere. Please be sure to attach a resume and a CBS transcript. If your request relies on coursework taken elsewhere, please include that transcript as well. Only complete applications can be considered.

Please allow at least one week for a decision, as your request may require deliberations among the relevant faculty.

Your request is evaluated based on your specific facts and circumstances, but you should be aware that actual waivers of pre-requisites are rarely granted, in large part because you have the ability to demonstrate mastery of the required material by passing the relevant exemption exam. Requests to take a pre-req as a co-req have a greater success rate, though that success rate is still generally below 50%.

Students are encouraged to speak to the instructor, because pre-req waivers require the instructor’s support, but final waiver decisions are made ONLY by the chair of the finance division.

All waiver decisions are final and cannot be appealed.