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Leading People

MBA Course EMBA Course Course Name
B8510 B7510 Managerial Negotiations
B8513 B7513 Personal Leadership and Success
B8538 B7538 The Leaders Voice: Communication Skills for Leading
B8451   Leadership through Fiction
B8553 B7553 Managerial Decision Making
  B7409 Advanced Negotiations: Negotiating Globally
B8409 B7409 Advanced Negotiations: Strategic and Legal Dimensions
    Motivation Science
B8619 B7619 Behavioral Economics & Decision Making
(TC) ORL 5362   Group Dynamics: A Systems Perspective

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Leading Organizations

MBA Course EMBA Course Course Name
B8507 B7507 Organizational Change
B8512 B7530 Managing the Growing Company
B8509 B7509 Social Networks & Social Capital
B8515 B7515 Top Management Processes
    Managing the Growing Company
B8537 B7537 Organizational Culture Demystified: Leading & Creating
a Winning Organization
B8539 B7539 Crisis Management

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Leading Strategy

MBA Course EMBA Course Course Name
B8534 B7534 Corporate Strategy
B8532 B7532 Global Strategic Management
    Modern Political Economy
B8514 B7514 Napoleon's Glance
B8511 B7511 Turnaround Management
B8594 B7594 Strategic Intution Consulting Lab (SICL)
B8624 B7624 Strategy Consulting Skills
B8216   Economics of Strategic Behavior

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MBA Course EMBA Course Course Name
B8518 B7518 Foundations of Entrepreneurship
B8519 B7519 Launch Your Startup
B8598 B7598 Entrepreneurial Greenhouse (Master Class)
B8521 B7521 Lean LaunchPad
  B8562 Social Ventures & Impact Investing:
Risk Capital for Expanding Innovation
B8523 B7523 Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition
B8525 B7525 Entreprenurial Thinking

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MBA Course EMBA Course Course Name
B8597 B7597 Public Sector Structural Reform in K-12
Education, Pt. II
B8535 B7535 The Management and Economics of
Professional Sports
B8528 B7528 Family Enterprise and Wealth
B8536 B7536 Strategy and Competition in Pharmaceuticals
and Biotechnology
B8210 B8217 Media and Information Management
B8540 B7540 Real Estate Transactions

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MBA Course EMBA Course Course Name
B8597 B7597 Private Equity & Entrepreneurship in Africa (Master Class)
B8559 B7559 Social Entrepreneurship: Global Perspective
B8723 B7723 Global Immersion: Patagonia Leadership Expedition
B9701 B7799 Thinking Globally
B8719 B7719 Global Immersion: Exploring the Business Environment in Cuba
B8706 B7706 Growth Opportunities in a China at a Crossroads
B8721 B7721 Global Immersion: India - Lessons in (Reverse) Innovation
B8707 B7707 Global Immersion: Doing Business in North Africa

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