PhD Courses in Marketing

Known for its rich publication record in leading journals and for the quality of its PhD program, the Marketing Division is recognized as a leading research department. The PhD program develops scholars who go on to conduct original research as members of the faculties of major global academic institutions.

Research is emphasized throughout the program, and students are encouraged to work closely with the division’s faculty members to develop, conduct, and report significant scientific research. While students have considerable latitude in their choice of specific research areas, most activity falls into one of three areas: mathematical modeling of marketing phenomena, the use of behavioral science to explain customer choice, and managerial issues in marketing.

For application information, please visit the Doctoral Program website.

Required Courses

Year Course
1+2 Consumer Behavior
1+2 Quantitative Models
1 Fall Research Methods
1 Fall Probability & Statistics
1 Fall Micro Economics
1 Summer Multivariate Statistics

Selected Elective Courses

You can choose to take elective courses in any disciplinary area such as Economics, Psychology, Statistics or Industrial Engineering/Operations Research.  Here are examples of such courses. 


Microeconomic Analysis I (G6211)

Microeconomic Analysis II (G6212)

Microeconomic Analysis (G6215-G6216)

Econometrics I & II & III (G6411/12/17)

Applied Econometrics (G6423)

Econometric Theory I (G6425)

Econometric Theory II (G6426)

Topics in Econometrics I (G6427)

Topics in Econometries II (G6428)

Empirical Methods in Macroeconomics (G6429)

Topics in Industrial Organization (G6251)

Industrial Organization I (G6253)

Industrial Organization II (G6254)

Industrial Organization III (G6255)


Statistical Modeling and Data Analysis I (G6101)

Statistical Modeling and Data Analysis II (G6102)

Statistical Modeling and Data Analysis III (G6103)

Applied Statistical Modeling (G6104)

Statistical Inference Theory I (6107)

Statistical Inference Theory II (G6108)

Advanced Topics in Nonparametric Interence (G8303)

Semiparametric Interence (G8318)

Causual Inference (G8320)

Statistical Inference for Stochastic Processes (G8321)

Topics in Advanced Statistics (G8325)

Topics in Time Series Analysis (G8327)


Optimization I & II (E6613/14)

Stochastic Models I & II (E6711/12)


Multidisciplinary Approaches to Human Decisions (G9180)

Theory of Social/Personality (G4670)

Advanced Seminar - Current Personality Theory (G4630)

PhD Graduates

For information on recent PhD graduates, their dissertations and their placements of interest, please see the placement page.