Letter from the Chair

The Marketing Division at Columbia Business School brings together a team of approximately 20 full-time faculty members, 25 adjunct faculty members, 20 PhD students, 20 Master of Science students, and 6 research and administrative staff.

Our tenure track faculty conduct cutting edge academic research. The field of marketing intersects with social sciences such as psychology, sociology and economics, as well as data sciences, statistics, computer science and operations research. We study a wide range of topics including the psychology of consumer behavior, the strategic interactions between firms and consumers, marketing analytics, innovation, and customer relationship management.

Our portfolio of core and elective courses are relevant not only to students interested in careers in traditional and digital marketing, but also to those interested in brand and product management, entrepreneurship, corporate innovation, consulting, media, technology, and healthcare management. We teach courses on customer management, behavioral economics, pricing, innovation, digital marketing, marketing strategy, branding, media, product management, and several related domains.

In addition to teaching in the MBA and EMBA programs, we host a successful PhD program. Our graduating PhD students typically pursue academic careers. Our recent alums have received offers from top Schools such as Wharton, Cornell, Dartmouth, London Business School, INSEAD, and Carnegie Mellon University.

We are responsible for a Master of Science in Marketing, a small elite program that teaches the latest tools coming straight from academic research to future practitioners.

Finally, we administer a popular Master of Science in Business Analytics program together with our colleagues from the Decisions, Risk and Operations Division and from the Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department (in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences).