Marketing Camp

The Columbia Marketing Camp opened in summer 1988. Its rationale was that most top schools held monthly seminars and invited guest speakers to present their latest research in Marketing. We decided that a better idea would be to gather multiple guest speakers on a once-a-year basis in a setting with minimal distractions. Since 1988, the Columbia Marketing Camp has been held between the end of May and mid June. It has become an important forum for top marketing researchers to present their papers.

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Columbia Marketing Camp June 3-4, 2016

Name Paper
Barbara Kahn (Wharton)  
Raghu Iyengar (Wharton)  
Sunil Gupta (Harvard)  
Gavan Fitzsimons (Duke)  

Columbia Marketing Camp May 8-9, 2015

Name Paper
Suzanne Shu (UCLA)  
Joann Peck (Wisconsin)  
Wendy Moe (Univ of Maryland)  
JP Dube (Chicago)  

Columbia Marketing Camp May 9-10, 2014

Name Paper
David Godes (Univ of Maryland)  
Vishal Singh (NYU)  
Margaret Campbell (Univ of Colorado, Boulder)  
Katherine White (Univ of British Columbia)  

Columbia Marketing Camp May 3-4, 2013

Name Paper
Jiwoong Shin (Yale) "Buzz"
Simona Botti (LBS) Turning the Page: The Impact of Choice Closure on Satisfaction
Gunter Hitsch (Chicago) The Joint Identification of Utility and Discount Functions From Stated Choice Data: An Application to Durable Goods Adoption"
Stijin Van Osselaer (Erasmus) "Language-Specificity in Consumer Memory and Decision Making"

Columbia Marketing Camp May 11-12, 2012

Name Paper
Rebecca Hamilton (Maryland) "Effective Substitution: Are Moderately Similar Replacements Better Than Highly Similar Replacements?”
Robert Zeithammer (UCLA) “Advertising Agency Selection Contest with Stipends for New Participants”
Rik Pieters (Tilburg) “Shady and Sunny: The Dynamics of Materialism and Loneliness"
Eric Anderson (Kellog) "Advertising in a Competitive Market: The Role of Product Standards, Customer Learning and Switching Costs "

Columbia Marketing Camp May 6-7, 2011

Name Paper
Derek Rucker (Kellogg) "Power and Choice: Their Dynamic Interplay in Quenching the Thirst for Personal Control"
Prasad Naik (UC, Davis) "Spatiotemporal Allocation of Advertising Budgets"
Thomas Steenburgh
"Do Bonuses Enhance Sales Productivity?
A Dynamic Structural Analysis of Bonus-Based Compensation Plans"
Kathleen Vohs
(Univ. of Minnesota)
"Reminders of Money Elicit Feelings of Threat in Response to Social Influence"

Columbia Marketing Camp May 7, 2010

Name Paper
Fred M. Feinberg
"Enhancing Marketing with Engineering: Optimal Product Line Design for Heterogeneous Markets"
Christopher K. Hsee
"General Evaluability Theory"
J. Miguel Villas-Boas
"Competitive Vices"
Gal Zauberman
"Anticipatory Time Perception and Intertemporal Preferences"

Columbia Marketing Camp May 9-10, 2008

Name Paper
Itamar Simonson
“Will I Like a "Medium" Pillow? Another Look at Constructed and Inherent Preferences ”
Eric Bradlow (Wharton) “Bayesian Analysis of IDS and Stochastic Prisoner's Dilemma Games”
Kent Grayson (Kellogg) “Participation in Consumption Communities: Costs and Benefits”
Michel Wedel
(University of Maryland)
“Competitive Brand Salience”

Columbia Marketing Camp May 11-12, 2007

Name Paper
Pradeep K. Chintagunta
(Univ. of Chicago)
“Quantifying the Economic Value of Warranties in the U.S. Server Market ”
Rebecca K. Ratner
(Univ. of Maryland)
“Why We Don't Learn to Accurately Forecast Our Feelings: How Misremembering Our Predictions Blinds Us to Our Past Forecasting Errors ”
Marnik G. Dekimpe
(Tilburg Univ.)
“Dancing With a Giant: The Effect of Wal-Mart's Entry into the U.K. on the Stock Prices of European Retailers”
George Loewenstein (Carnegie Mellon) “The Influence of Anticipatory Affect on Consumer Choice ”

Columbia Marketing Camp May 5-6, 2006

Name Paper
Z. John Zhang (Wharton) “A Theory of Combative Advertising”
Shachar Kariv (Berkeley) “Substantive and Procedural Rationality in Decisions under Uncertainty”
Esther Gal-Or (Pittsburgh) “When Should a Service Provider Utilize a ‘Name Your Own Price’ Channel”
Joel Huber (Duke) “Shopping Momentum”


Columbia Marketing Camp May 13-14, 2005

Name Paper
John Hauser (MIT) "Greedoid-Based Non-Compensatory Consideration-then-Choice Inference"
Read Montague
(Baylor College of Medicine)
"Neural Correlates of Behavioral Preference for Culturally Familiar Drinks" "Computational Roles for Dopamine in Behavioural Control" "Getting to Know You: Reputation and Trust in a Two-Person Economic Exchange" "Economic Game Shows How the Brain Builds Trust"  (with commentary)
Elie Ofek
(Harvard Business School)
"To Innovate or Imitate?  R&D Decisions and the Role of Market Research"
Ann McGill
(University of Chicago)
"The Mere Presence of Others and Variety Seeking"


Columbia Marketing Camp May 15-16, 2004

Name Paper
Jim Lattin (Stanford) "Do Customer Loyalty Programs Really Work"
(Background paper on the topic not written by Jim)
Tanya Chartrand (Duke) "Mystery Moods and Perplexing Performance: Consequences of Succeeding and Failing at a Nonconscious Goal"
Preyas Desai  (Duke) "Trade Promotions of Consumer Durables"
Joel Cohen  
(University of Florida)
"Multiple Attitudes as Guides to Behavior"