The Global Leadership Matrix (GLeaM) Program is a research and education initiative that aims to disseminate, collect and create a body of information on global leadership. Via its free online content and customized executive education programs, developed by distinguished faculty, GLeaM provides assessments and advice across an expanding matrix of leadership qualities. GLeaM is where theory meets practice, helping participants become better leaders and advance their careers, while producing cutting-edge leadership research.

The Global Leadership Matrix (GLeaM) Program was launched at Columbia Business School in 2011 by Sheena Iyengar, S.T. Lee Professor of Business. GLeaM's mission is to advance and promote understanding of leadership in a global context. To accomplish this mission, GLeaM's interdisciplinary team of distinguished faculty from Columbia's Business School, Sociology Department, and Psychology Department are developing a range of innovative research and information sharing initiatives that will serve the interests of academics, organizations, and people across the globe.

The central GLeaM initiative is its free-content website that delivers the latest insights on leadership and offers sophisticated tools for individuals to assess and improve aspects of their leadership ability. The site currently offers network assessment, motivational style and time management tools, with additional tools to be added over time. Utilized in concert, these tools are helping executives and individuals develop a comprehensive leadership profile.

With each tool, GLeaM members receive custom feedback and advice on a particular aspect of their leadership style and can compare their results to those of other GLeaM users across the globe. The resulting anonymous data pools enable professors to fill important gaps in academic and business research.

In addition to the free-content website, GLeaM collaborates with prominent organizations in the for-profit and non-profit sectors via customized executive training programs. These programs, tailored to the unique needs of the organization, incorporate assessments, data analytics and face-to-face seminars to drive performance and innovation.