Executive Education

Today’s dynamic global economy requires leaders to have a broad skill set in order to successfully address the challenges that they face. The GLeaM Executive Education Program goes well beyond conventional approaches to improving leadership and organizational effectiveness. Pairing research-based tools and customized instruction by distinguished Columbia faculty, GLeaM is helping executives improve their leadership ability, make better management decisions and unlock value in individuals and their organizations.

GLeaM works closely with companies to understand their unique needs and design custom assessments and lectures for rising leaders. The custom seminars are ideal for HR and other executives, as well as anyone responsible for leading across functional groups or business lines to create value and implement strategic plans. These lectures address topics that are essential for leaders of today’s global businesses, including: Decision Making Amidst Complexity and Uncertainty; Managing Culture and Motivation; Leading through Social Capital and Networks; Developing Strategic Intuition and Innovation. Executive coaching is available to help integrate lessons from the program into the complex realities on the job.

GLeaM provides a critical analytics edge in today’s global business environment. The program’s tools include a range of assessments for individuals on their social network resources, motivational style, time management, and cultural intelligence. GLeaM offers detailed feedback reports for each individual and the group as a whole. These reports inform the customization of GLeaM lectures for executive education participants and include actionable insights such as:

  • inform change management
  • identify and correct formal organizational structural weaknesses
  • improve collaboration and information flow within/between groups
  • catalyze innovation in individuals and teams
  • replicate best practices and successful network structures
  • improve client relationships and communication
  • reassign decision rights to enhance individual and organizational effectiveness
  • eliminate redundancies in personnel and institutional processes
  • identify which individuals are leaders, energizers, innovators and key influencers
  • improve how you cultivate high potentials and plan for succession


To learn more and discuss how GLeaM can offer customized education and research solutions for your company, please contact [email protected].