The Changing Face of the Asian Consumer

The Changing Face of the Asian ConsumerWe are pleased to present...

The Changing Face of the Asian Consumer

April 9, 2014

Ogilvy & Mather, 636 11th Avenue, New York,
New York

As Asia continues its economic growth, Asian consumers and brand building in Asia are becoming the focal points of business and commerce. Join Prof. Bernd Schmitt as he present insights from his new book titled “The Changing Face of the Asian Consumer,” which details strategies that can help companies navigate and maneuver the complex and diverse landscape that is Asia.

  • Find out what middle-class consumers want—and what they buy—when their incomes rise.
  • Learn why Asians are collectivists who are becoming increasingly individualistic.
  • Discover that Asian consumers are driven by contradictory desires; they are, at the same time, Value Shopaholics, Functional Hedonists, and Traditional Futurists.

In addition, the event features a practitioner’s panel that will discuss their efforts to grow brands in the Asian marketplace:

  Brian Buchwald

  Co-founder and CEO

 Colin Mitchell

 Worldwide Head of Planning
 Ogilvy & Mather

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