These are a few samples of the video content produced by the Center.
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L'Oreal USA's CMO on a New Path to Purchase

Marc Speichert, chief marketing officer of L'Oreal, at the BRITE '12 conference, discussed how his company is building customer loyalty through strategies that attend to a new path to purchase that includes consideration, evaluation, buying, and advocacy.

David Rogers: Five Strategies for Customer Networks

David Rogers speaks about his forthcoming book "The Network Is Your Customer" at the BRITE '10 conference. He describes the five core behaviors of networked customers, which form the basis for five strategies that any business can use to thrive in the digital age.

Big Think Strategy: On Burping Crickets

In Schmitt's talk at the BRITE '08 conference he details how children can help remind us about how to stimulate creativity.

Faculty Profile: Olivier Toubia

Olivier Toubia, an associate professor of marketing at Columbia Business School, talks about his research and how he applies it to business and teaching.

Antonio Lucio: Meeting the Challenge of New Media

Antonio Lucio, global chief marketing officer of Visa, talks about Visa's journey from traditional marketing to a new model, guided by the principals of social media and the organization's "Audience First" approach -- a response to a changing media and consumption landscape.

Jason Clement and Josh Millrod: The Power of One-to-One Communication

Jason Clement and Josh Millrod, both of Wieden+Kennedy, talk at BRITE '11 about the challenges and benefits of social marketing.

Professor Sheena Iyengar: Overwhelming Consumer Choice

Professor Sheena Iyengar of Columbia Business School speaks about the dangers of having too many choices and how to optimize the choosing experience for the average consumer. She explains the three techniques that can be used to create a mutually beneficial relationship between the choice provider and the chooser.


Inaugural Theory and Practice in Marketing Conference

This joint event of Columbia Business School and Harvard Business School has the goal of the TPM community is to synthesize a variety of perspectives and insights in order to identify concrete steps to achieve relevance in marketing research.

Jeff Jarvis: Your Customers Are Your Ad Agency

Jeff Jarvis, author of What Would Google Do?, speaks at the BRITE '09 conference about how the success of the Internet search giant can teach us about the future of marketing and branding.

Branding Nonprofit Organizations

Hayes Roth, chief marketing officer of Landor, discusses best practices for nonprofits undertaking brand-building projects.

The Future of Brand Development in India

Hemant Sachdev, joint managing director of Microsoft India and chairman of the 2009 World Brand Congress, discusses the environment for brands in India.


The following podcasts feature interviews with leading practitioners and big thinkers in the areas of marketing, innovation and branding.

Roundtable with the New York Video 2.0 Group - part 1 (“Viral Video & Brands”)

Roundtable with the New York Video 2.0 Group - part 2 (“The Rise of Internet Video”)

Interview - Larry Weber, Chairman W2 Group: June 9, 2006

Interview - Russ Klein, CMO, Burger King: June 8, 2006

Interview - Deepak Advani, CMO Lenovo International: June 9, 2006

Interview - Craig Newmark, Founder June 9, 2006

Interview - Bernd Schmitt, Center on Global Brand Leadership: June 8, 2006

Interview - Eric Mankin, Babson Executive Education: June 8, 2006

Interview - David Sutherland, Launch Institute: June 8, 2006

Interview - Johnnie Moore & John Winsor: June 8, 2006

Interview - Dianne Hessan, CEO Communispace Corp: June 9, 2006

Interview - Max Lenderman, GMR Marketing: June 9, 2006

The Hobson & Holtz Report - Radio Podcast #144 - live from the 2006 Innovative Marketing Conference: June 8, 2006

Larry Weber, Chairman of W2 Group, and Lois Kelly, partner at Foghound, discuss what the marketing department of the future may look like: June 2, 2006

Chris Tolles, CMO Topix; Pete Blackshaw, CMO, and Max Kalehoff, VP Marketing at Nielsen BuzzMetrics: May 25, 2006

Bernd Schmitt, Executive Director, Center on Global Brand Leadership, takes questions before the 2006 Innovative Marketing Conference: May 12, 2006