BRITE Conference

BRITE '22 Conference | April 20, 2022 | 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM ET | Online via Zoom



BRITE '22 will bring together bold thinkers and leaders from business, technology, media, and marketing to present future-forward innovations, marketplace strategies, and thought-provoking questions... and answers.

Since 2008, the BRITE conference has brought leaders in branding, innovation, and technology to Columbia University (and now online!) for curated talks on how technology and innovation are transforming the ways that companies build and sustain great brands.

BRITE offers a different blend of thinkers and doers than you will find at any other event. Participants come to think differently about the changing landscape of media and technology, and to connect with a unique group of innovators, marketers, entrepreneurs, and champions of social enterprise.

Featured BRITE '22 Speakers Include:

Antonio Lucio
Founder, 5S Diversity
Former CMO of Facebook, HP, Visa

Radha Agrawal
CEO & Founder, Daybreaker
Author, Belong

Renée Richardson Gosline
Senior Lecturer & Research Scientist

Alicia Tillman
Chief Marketing Officer

Keith Grossman

Robert K. Watson '06
Principal, Upland Road
'Founding Father' of LEED Certification

The aim of BRITE is to stimulate interactive conversations; it is not just a series of lectures. Come to the event to talk with fellow big thinkers in marketing and technology, hear stories of what is working and what isn't, and build your personal brand and leadership skills.

Key benefits:

  • Learn from your peers, ask questions, and share what you know
  • Hear case studies from the business leaders who are making change happen
  • See tomorrow's emerging trends and big ideas
  • Rethink the challenges and opportunities for your business
  • Meet the innovators who are driving the next wave in technology and branding

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Who should attend?
CMOs and heads of marketing, brand managers, new product developers, innovation directors, media buyers, content creators, interactive agencies, online developers, influencers, creators, publishers, multi-platform media companies, and emerging technology investors.

Sponsorship Requests: For sponsorship inquiries, please email [email protected].

Past BRITE Conferences

*Historical note: BRITE '20 was not able to be held due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

April 16, 2021
Online via Zoom

Speakers included:
  • Norman de Greve, Chief Marketing Officer, CVS Health
  • Nina Tandon '12, CEO and Co-Founder, EpiBone
  • Michael Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, NPR
  • Miguel Quiroga '10, CEO, Visible

Topics included:
  • Leadership and Business Purpose
  • Leveraging Neurodiversity as a Strategic Advantage
  • The Future of Work
  • Aesthetic Intelligence and Business Impact

View the BRITE '21 agenda

March 4, 2019
Columbia University, New York

Speakers included:
  • Colin Mitchell, VP Director Global Brand, McDonald's
  • Catherine Williams, Chief Data Scientist, Xandr
  • Amy Webb, Founder, Future Today Institute; Author, The Big Nine
  • Nicole Kankam, Managing Director of Marketing, United States Tennis Association

Topics included:
  • Leveraging Technology for Authentic Social Purpose
  • Myths and Realities of Data and Machine Learning in Marketing
  • Enter the Next Dimension With Spatial Computing
  • Identity Design: An Intimate Relationship

View the BRITE '19 agenda (PDF)

March 5-6, 2018
Columbia University, New York

Speakers included:
  • Allison Cerra, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, McAfee, Inc.
  • Ethan Brown, Founder & CEO, Beyond Meat
  • Gretchen Carlson, Chair, Miss America Organization; Author, Be Fierce
  • Joseph Lubin, Founder, ConsenSys; Co-Founder, Ethereum

Topics included:
  • Blockchain 102: What it Means for Brand Builders
  • Algorithm vs. Human: Who's the Winner?
  • Branding Broadway
  • Is the Future Really Female? (And What Does That Mean for Men?)

View the BRITE '18 agenda (PDF)

March 6-7, 2017
Columbia University, New York

Speakers included:
  • Rajesh Subramaniam, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, FedEx
  • Maryam Banikarim, Chief Marketing Officer, Hyatt
  • Jonathan Becher, Chief Digital Officer, SAP
  • Liza Landsman, President,

Topics included:
  • Collaborating from the Edge of Your Seat
  • The Future of Hospitality and Customer Service
  • Quantum Intelligence: Calculating the Context of Decisions
  • Innovating Healthcare

View the BRITE '17 agenda (PDF)

March 7-8, 2016
Columbia University, New York

Speakers included:
  • Linda Boff, Chief Marketing Officer, GE
  • Shelly Lazarus, Chairman Emeritus, Ogilvy and Mather
  • Daniel Lubetzky, Founder and CEO, KIND Snacks
  • Pam Kaufman, Chief Marketing Officer, Nickelodeon Group

Topics included:
  • The danger of separating technology from the consumer
  • How successful innovators go beyond 'user experience' to build brand
  • Marketing, entertainment and Gen Z: Connecting with a new generation
  • Thinking with AND: avoid false compromises

View the BRITE '16 agenda (PDF)

March 2-3, 2015
Columbia University, New York

Speakers included:
  • Ann Mukherjee, President, PepsiCo Global Insights
  • Doreen Lorenzo, President, Quirky
  • Sree Sreenivasan, Chief Digital Officer, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Topics included:
  • Infinite Lives: how technology is redefining our sense of time, body, space, and self
  • The Internet of Things and computing everywhere
  • Data, privacy, and the battle over personal information

View the BRITE '15 agenda (PDF)

March 3-4, 2014
Columbia University, New York

Speakers included:
  • Neil Blumenthal, Co-founder & Co-CEO, Warby Parker
  • Mary Beech, SVP & CMO, Kate Spade New York
  • Jon Steinberg, President, Buzzfeed

Topics included:
  • How Is Your Startup Different from All Other Startups?
  • Effectively Building Your Brand Voice
  • The Power of Girl Talk: Sharing Honest Opinions in the Social Web

View the BRITE '14 agenda (PDF)

March 4-5, 2013
Columbia University, New York

Speakers included:
  • Shiv Singh, Global Head of Digital, PepsiCo Beverages
  • Kaaren Hanson, Vice President of Design Innovation, Intuit
  • Charles Duhigg, Author, The Power of Habit; Journalist, The New York Times

Topics included:
  • The Truth about Mobile Advertising: Does it even work?
  • The Power of (Big) Data in a Networked World
  • Gamification and the Payment Economy

View the BRITE '13 agenda (PDF)

March 5-6, 2012
Columbia University, New York

Speakers included:
  • Cathy Benko, Vice Chairman & Managing Principal, Brand, Deloitte
  • John Hayes, Chief Marketing Officer, American Express
  • Marc Speichert, Chief Marketing Officer, L'Oreal USA

Topics included:
  • The human element in branding -- communicate as you would in a person-to-person interaction
  • Data mining social media conversations for consumer and marketing insight
  • Marketing ROI -- develop metrics to monitor marketing's financial impact

View the BRITE '12 agenda (PDF)

March 2-3, 2011
Columbia University, New York

Speakers included:
  • Antonio Lucio, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Visa Inc.
  • Russell Weiner, Chief Marketing Officer, Domino's Pizza
  • Frank Eliason, Senior Vice President, Social Media, Citi

Topics included:
  • Brand authenticity - how transparency can help build a stronger brand
  • The Future of Digital Marketing - the blurring of online and offline relationships and interactions
  • Navigating choice - how to avoid overwhelming consumers with too many choices

View the BRITE '11 agenda (PDF)

March 31-April 1, 2010
Columbia University, New York

Speakers included:
  • Vivian Schiller, President and CEO, National Public Radio
  • Jeff Jarvis, author of What Would Google Do?
  • Thomas Gensemer, Managing Partner, Blue State Digital

Topics included:
  • Digital marketing - myths and realities of building brands in the online world
  • Innovation now - open collaboration and designing your business in beta
  • Customer networks - strategies to listen, engage, inspire, and mobilize them online

View the BRITE '10 agenda (PDF)

March 4-5, 2009
Columbia University, New York

Speakers included:
  • Seth Godin, author of Tribes, Purple Cow, and the world's most popular marketing blog
  • Alyson Meranze, VP, Digital Content & Strategy, American Express
  • Lisa Hsia, Senior VP, New Media & Digital, Bravo TV

Topics included:
  • Digital marketing that works - cases from the front lines
  • Crowdsourcing, tribes, and marketing with online communities
  • Social media, mass media, and the prospects for brands

View the BRITE '09 agenda (PDF)

BRITE Asia '09
March 26, 2009
SMU, Singapore

Speakers included:
  • Gavin Coombes, CEO, FutureBrand Asia Pacific
  • Ramesh Divyanathan, Regional Marketing Director, BMW Asia Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
  • Dae Ryun Chang, Professor of Marketing at Yonsei School of Business, Seoul, Korea

Topics included:
  • Digital media and the implications for brand value creation
  • Adoption of mobile and social media in Asian markets
  • Open networks, viral content, and emerging tech trends

BRITE - Online Communities
October 16, 2008
Columbia University, New York

Speakers included:
  • Richard Binhammer, Conversations, Communities & Communications, Dell
  • Thomas Gensemer, Managing Partner, Blue State Digital (creators of
  • Sylvia Marino, Community Operations,

Topics Included:
  • Stoking buzz, engaging influencers, and nurturing brand advocates
  • Network listening, market research, and product development
  • Customer service, employee communications, and recruiting

BRITE - CMO Summit
October 15, 2008
Columbia University, New York

Speakers included:
  • Heidi Browning, VP Custom Solutions and Research, Fox Interactive/MySpace
  • Penry Price, VP of Advertising-North America, Google
  • Gita Johar, Meyer Feldberg Professor of Business, Columbia Business School

Topics Included:
  • Social Networking and Brands - using networks to create viral marketing campaigns
  • Brands in crisis - winning customer trust and turning the tide of opinion
  • Creative leadership - harness multiple intelligence and creativity skills to inspire big thinking

February 7-8, 2008
Columbia University, New York

Speakers included:
  • Marty Homlish, Global Chief Marketing Officer, SAP
  • Patia McGrath, Global Director, Innovation and Strategic Connections, GE
  • Aaron Cohen, CEO,
Topics included:
  • Building Brands in a New Media Environment
  • Building a Culture of Innovation within the Organization
  • The Role of Advertising in an Interactive Age

View the BRITE '08 agenda (PDF)