Francis Humann

Francis Humann
Class of 1991
Current Work: 
President and CEO, OncoViRx

Describe what you do.

I lead the discovery-stage of a bio-pharmaceutical company affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania.


How did you become interested in Healthcare? What drew you in?

I felt unfulfilled in financial services and wanted to work in an industry that has a direct impact on making people's lives better.


What do you enjoy most about your career or positon?

I am having a direct impact on transforming cutting edge university research into products that help treat diseases of high unmet medical need.


How has your CBS experience influenced your career?

CBS has given me an amazing "tool chest" to successfully tackle a wide variety of business challenges.


What is your favorite CBS memory, such as a favorite professor, spot on campus, or social event?

 The adjunct professors that CBS attracted (and still do) were awesome.


As a leader in healthcare, what qualities do you look for when hiring new MBA graduates?

Excellent analytical and communication skills combined with a willingness to challenge conventional wisdom.


What would you say to a prospective student considering CBS and the HPM Program?

Do it!