On this page, you will find some links to some very informative resources on Academic Conduct, Group Work Guidelines, and CBS Disciplinary Procedures.

Honor Code and Examples of Academic Misconduct

Information regarding academic conduct at Columbia Business School as well as University wide policies.

Individual and Group Work Guidelines Table →

This table outlines the individual and group assignment lettering system (A through D), including guidelines for working together and discussion, submission of work, and grades received.

Dean's Discipline Policy and Procedures →

The Dean’s Discipline process is utilized to investigate and respond to allegations of behavioral or academic misconduct. Through this process, Student Conduct and Community Standards and CBS communicate the expectation that all students act in an honest way and always respect the rights of others. Dean’s Discipline is not meant to be an adversarial or legal process. Through the process, students discuss accountability for their behavior as well as the impact their behavior may have on their own lives and the greater community.    

Events on Campus →

What leadership and ethics events are taking place at the School this semester? Check the calendar of events hosted by the Student Leadership and Ethics Board.