Organizational Names

Columbia Business School Name

While students and recent alumni are familiar with the acronym CBS, older alumni and external audiences may not be. For these audiences, without proper context, the acronym will likely be understood as the television network and not Columbia Business School.
Generally, refer to the School as Columbia Business School, which can subsequently be shortened to the Business School, or the School.

When it will be absolutely understood that the Business School is being referred to, it may be shortened to Columbia.

For primarily student-facing communications, particularly on social media or in student channels such as CBSConnect, CBS may be used.

Capitalize School and University when referring to Columbia Business School and Columbia University

  • Before coming to the School, Professor Ziv taught at a university in Israel.
  • Professor Ziv has taught at the University for several years. (Referring to Columbia University)

When cited in full, use initial caps for a unit’s name. In subsequent references or in informal passages, the noun may be capped or not, depending on the clarity of the context. Preferred style is lowercase.

  • Center for International Business Cycle Research. Current research at the center focuses on…
  • Thank you for joining the Tamer Center Advisory Board. On behalf of the board…
  • The Pan-European Forum; the forum

Capitalize division when referring to specific Columbia Business School academic divisions.

  • Professor Morris joined the Marketing Division in...

Names of other divisions or units within Columbia or other organizations are generally set in lowercase, unless they are part of an individual’s title and precede their name

  • The data analytics group at Microsoft
  • Jane Smith, director of data analytics at Microsoft


  • Director of Data Analytics Jane Smith at Microsoft

Lowercase the word “the” in running text before names of centers, divisions, companies, or, generally speaking, publications.

  • Sponsored by the Tamer Center
  • A director at the Lawton Group
  • A reporter for the New York Times

Industries are set in lowercase in running text.

  • She won an award for her contributions to the consumer packaged goods industry.
  • His research focuses on the intersection of finance and social enterprise.

Use singular rather than plural pronouns when referring to companies or organizations.

  • Amazon is good to its employees.

Do not use a comma preceding Inc., LLC, LLP in a company name. However, when possible, omit these designations altogether.

The spelling of corporate names should be checked; the publications of the Corporate and Foundation Relations Office (e.g., the Annual Dinner program) are a good reference.
When a company name calls for unconventional capitalization, heed any preference that requires up to three capitals in a word. If the capitals exceed three, upper- and-lowercase the name except for proper nouns that appear within it. Thus:

  • PepsiCo
  • the SmithKline Corporation


  • Primedia, not PRIMEDIA

Do not include suffixes such as Inc., Ltd., LLC, etc., when writing company names in running text. When used, for example in individuals’ formal listings as event sponsors or Board of Overseers listings, do not use a comma preceding the suffix.
When citing school names, use the full formal name on first mention. Generally accepted shortened names may be used subsequently.

  • Stanford Graduate School of Business; Stanford

Generally accepted acronyms may be used

  • UC Berkeley; UCLA; MIT