Primary Typeface

Polaris — part of the larger Galaxie family of typefaces — is the primary typeface of the School.

An image showcasing the type family Polaris, in all its five weights.

All weights of the type family may be used; book and bold are the most versatile, while the light and heavy weights are useful for larger text, like headlines.

Secondary Typeface

Copernicus — also part of the larger Galaxie family — is the secondary typeface of the School.

An image showing the secondary typeface of the school, Copernicus, in three selected weights.

Copernicus is used for the body text on the School's website by default. In other communications, Copernicus makes a suitable companion typeface to Polaris.

Acquiring the Typefaces

The Strategic Communications teams has purchased a limited number of licenses for Polaris. Please email us at [email protected] if you need a license.

If a partner office wishes to secure their own license to Polaris or Copernicus, they may purchase both fonts from their foundry, vllg.

If you need advice on the correct licenses to buy, please reach out to us.

Email and Microsites

Typography can be used in mass email communications and microsites by using code. To learn about incorporating brand typography into email and microsites, please email us at [email protected].

A Note about Email Typography

If you do not wish to use custom typography in your mass email communications, please use Helvetica or Arial; avoid using serif typography — such as Times and Georgia.


If neither brand type family can be used for technical reasons, we recommend Google's Roboto.