Measuring the Success of Your Video

Congratulations – your video is live! The next step is to measure the video's success by looking at a variety of metrics.

Video Views

Video views are measured differently depending on the platform and all views are not created equal. For instance, Facebook and Instagram count three seconds as a view – not exactly meaningful.


Arguably more important than views is how the viewer engaged with your content. The metrics you analyze and report should be tied to your project goals.

  • On Facebook, how often was the video liked, shared, or commented on? Do users watch with sound on? 

  • On YouTube, what is the average percentage of the video viewed?

  • If the video is embedded on your website, how did that page perform in terms of time on page or bounce rate?

  • If you promoted the video in an e-mail newsletter or social media campaign, how did recipients engage with this content? Do you see spikes in viewership tied to your efforts?

To learn more about measuring the success of your video efforts, contact [email protected].