B-Roll and Music

B-roll is the extra footage used in video to illustrate the narration or story. All b-roll used in Columbia Business School videos should help reinforce School strengths and key differentiators, while capturing the attention of target audiences. Footage should represent the appropriate quality, sophistication, and tone for the School’s materials and reinforce the School’s brand pillars – access, community, impact, and knowledge.

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Communications has a b-roll library of campus scenes, faculty, and students. Contact us to learn more.

Examples of Columbia Business School B-Roll

New York City

Low Library

Columbia Business School students



Columbia Business School student

Rights-free B-roll

Can’t get the shot you need? Here are a few sources where you can purchase rights-free b-roll to use in your video:

Or contact [email protected], we may have already-purchased stock you can use.


Music can be an effective storytelling tool in video. Be sure you worn the rights to the music you use. Using music for which you do not own the copyright could result in a take-down notice or legal action from the copyright holder.

Download rights-free music from a paid stock music site or other rights-free music library. Here are some some sources: