Producing Your Video

Before you decide who will produce your video content, it’s important to define the project parameters, from goals and audience to budget and promotion.

  • Who is your audience? Be specific about who you want to reach.
  • What is your message? A successful video has one strong takeaway.
  • How will you promote? What is your promotional strategy?
  • What is the budget? For both production and promotion.
  • How will you measure success? What is the expectation for ROI?

Contact [email protected] to develop a creative brief, a process that helps clarify project goals and audience.

Download a creative brief template [DOC, 83KB].

Work with a Vendor (Supplier)

A video production company from outside the School can be a great way to produce high-impact video content, if your budget allows. Video production companies may provide access to professional equipment, industry expertise, and unique creative perspectives.

Contact [email protected] to discuss budget scenarios and approved vendor options.

Partner with ITG Multimedia Group

ITG Multimedia Group offers a wide range of video production services. Contact them to discuss your project.

Partner with Communications

Communications may be able to provide support for your video project. We often partner with MMG Multimedia Group or outside vendors to produce video content. Contact [email protected] to discuss your project.

DIY (Do it Yourself)

If you have the skills and access to video equipment, producing your own video can be a rewarding process. Before you dive in, review the School brand standards and video technical specifications to be certain your self-produced project can be shared via School channels.