Blogs & Blogging

Blogs are a great way to publish and foster discussions around timely information related to a community or venture. Unlike traditional news outlets, blogs tend to be conversational in tone and incorporate a range of external sources, including news stories, videos, and photo slideshows. Blog posts are open to readers’ comments and can also be shared through such social media outlets as Facebook and Twitter. Posts are typically presented in chronological order, with the newest information at the top, and are often categorized by topic or keyword.

Current Use

Select centers and groups at the School maintain their own blogs. Each has a specific focus and target audience. For example, the Center on Global Brand Leadership publishes a blog at

Best Practices

  • Update frequently; publish at least one post per week.
  • Set up your blog so that you can moderate comments, approving everything that is appropriate. Comments that are not relevant or respectful should be removed.
  • Keep posts under 400 words; if you have a longer copy, consider breaking it into a two-part series or segmenting the copy with subheads.
  • Designate a lead blog editor who will moderate comments and maintain the School’s editorial style.
  • Each post should include links and keywords. To optimize your post for search engines, place an important keyword in your first paragraph.
  • Embed relevant videos or slideshows when appropriate.
  • Plan outreach around your published content, such as sharing it through your social media outlets or including it in an e-newsletter.
  • Create a blogroll or a library of related links; ask fellow blogs to reciprocate by listing your blog on their site.

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