Creating Blocks

  1. Log into Drupal

  2. Select "Block" in the top menu bar.

  3. Select "Add Block"

  4. Fill in the form that pops up:

    • Block Title: This remains blank

    • Block Description: This is not publicly visible. Use something descriptive and unique that will help you identify the block.

    • Block Body: The copy entered here determines the main content of a given block. Select “Enable rich-text” at the bottom of the text box to turn on the Word-like interface, or “Disable rich-text” to work directly in HTML.

    • gsb_themeV2 (default theme): Select what row you want the block to appear in on your site from the drop-down menu:

      • Sidebar second: block appears on the right-hand side of every page
      • Block Row 1: block appears in the first row on the bottom of every page
      • Block Row 2:block appears in the second row on the bottom of every page
      • Block Row 3: block appears in the third row only on the homepage

    • Show block on specific page: Select "All pages except those listed" for it to appear on every page. For exceptions, or to only show the block on listed pages, put the URLs in the box below. Write only the URL after the website root (eg. web/drupal-how-to-guide/creating-blocks).

    • Save block.

  5. To move a block, select "Block" from the top menu bar and use the cross icon next to the listed block to move it to another location.