Insert a Document

  1. Log in to Drupal, navigate to your page and enter edit mode (see “Editing Pages”).

  2. In the body section, highlight the word or words to which you want to add the link. Follow these guidelines for naming a link:

    • Don't use "Click Here" as a link. Search engines prefer something descriptive, such as "Read the Research Paper."

    • Add the type of document, such as "PDF" or "DOC" that you are linking to, so that users know what they are downloading.

      Click path to upload a document

  3. Click the link icon (two chain-links)

  4. Select “Browse Server”
  5. Click the “Upload” button.

  6. Select "Choose File" and navigate through your local hard drive to find the document you want to upload.

  7. With the document selected, click “Upload.”

  8. Drupal will confirm that the file has uploaded successfully. When it has, click “Insert File.”

  9. Drupal now returns you to the link palette, with the correct link to the uploaded document already filled in.

  10. Click “OK.”