Editing Blocks

Default Blocks | News | Automated Blocks

Default Blocks

The majority of blocks are "Default Blocks." They do not have a set design and can accommodate many types of layouts.

  1. Log into Drupal

  2. Navigate to the page with the block you want to edit.

  3. Hover your mouse on the far right of the block and a gear icon will appear. Click on it and select "Configure Block."


  4. A form page will appear. Edit the Block body content as needed.

  5. Save.


The "News" block lists articles that have been written for your Center in a scrolling block.

  1. Log into Drupal

  2. Select "GSB News Picker" in the top header bar.


  3. Edit the content:

    • To add an item: Put the number found in the URL of the story you want to publish in the "New Item" box, and click "Add another."

    • To remove an item: Click the number in the circle found to the right of the story you want to remove. (eg. 2552)

  4. Save.

Automated Blocks

"Automated" blocks gather content from other parts of the website. Some examples are the "Social Media" block and the "Calendar of Events." Some Centers have made their "News" block also an automated feed without having to use the Newspicker.

Web administrators do not have the permissions necessary to edit these blocks. To add, remove, or edit content in these blocks, please contact Strategic Communications.