Editing Pages

  1. Log in to Drupal.
  2. If the page is published or you know the URL of an unpublished page, navigate to the page you need to edit.
    • You can also click “content” in the Administrative Menu Bar. The content page lists every page on the site, both published and unpublished. You can filter using "Default Page - Catchall." Find the page you need and click “edit” in the operations column at the far right.
  3. If you have the proper permissions, at the top of the main content area you will see three text links: “view” "edit" “revisions.” Click on “edit.”

    Click path to edit a page

    Note: When you go into edit mode, Drupal may display extra headers and otherwise seem to “break” the layout. This is just an artifact of edit mode.
  4. Revise the content of the appropriate fields on the content form.
  5. When you’ve finished, scroll to the bottom of the form page to find the “save” and “preview” buttons. The preview button allows you to see how the page will look before you actually publish it. The save button commits the page to the database, according to the values you chose in Publishing Options.