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Formatting Tips 

  • Make sure your content is readable: copy and paste text from Microsoft Word into notepad or word pad and then into the WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) editor to remove unnecessary HTML. Don’t copy and paste your text from Microsoft Word into the WYSIWYG editor.

  • Keep your formatting consistent: use h1, h2, or h3 for styled text. Do not change the font type, color, or size of your text. Font formatting is determined by your site’s CSS (cascading style sheet).

  • Call out the important information: use bold or italics for emphasis. Underlined text is reserved for links.

  • Use quality images: Optimize and sizeimages for the web in Adobe Photoshop before uploading them into the CMS.

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Emphasizing Content 

Note: Do not insert tags to change font style, size, color, etc. These elements are determined by the site's CSS (cascading style sheet) and will occur automatically. The text tags below are for creating headlines and emphasis. Note: header tags may vary in style and size based on the template your site is in.

<h1></h1 >

Creates the page header


Creates sectional header


Creates a header within a section


Gray line

<div class="date"></div>

Date styling

<div class="cbssidebar"></div>

Sidebar Boxes


Emphasizes a word in italics


Emphasizes a word in bold

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<a href="URL"></a> Creates a hyperlink

<a href="mailto:EMAIL"></a> Creates a mailto link

<a name="NAME"></a> Creates a target location within a document

<a href="#NAME"></a> Links to that target location from elsewhere in the document

<a class="return-top" href="#top"></a> Send user back to the top of the page

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<p></p> Creates a new paragraph

<br > Inserts a line break

<ol ></ol> Creates a numbered list

<li></li> Precedes each list item, and adds a number

<ul ></ul> Creates a bulleted list

<img src="name"> Adds an image

For a more comprehensive list of HTML tags, please visit

<table class="cbs-table"></table>

Basic TablesBasic tables are the standard table type for Columbia Business School.

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Special Characters  

To display different text styles, accented letters, and other characters, you must insert the correct encoding in your HTML. Below is a short list of special characters you may commonly use on your website.

Encoding Glyph Description
&#8220; Left Curly Quote
&#8221; Right Curly Quote
&#8217; Right Single Quote/Apostrophe
&#8212; Em Dash
&#8211; En Dash
&#36; $ US Dollar Sign
&amp; & Ampersand
&#63; ? Question Mark
&#225; á Accute A
&#233; é Accute E
&#193; Á Accute A
&#201; É Accute E
&#227; ã Tilde

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