HTML Styles

<h2>This is a secondary header</h2>

<h3>This is a tertiary header </h3>

<h4>This is the smallest header</h4>


<p class="cntrtxt">I want my content centered.</p>


Type the words <hr> and you will make a line like the one above



Type the words &nbsp;&#x2192; and you will make an arrow, like the one above.



<p> <a class="btn">Button</a></p>

<p> <a class="btn green">Green Button </a></p>

<p> <a class="btn raspberry">Red Button </a></p>

<p> <a class="btn orange">Orange Button </a></p>

<p> <a class="btn btn-shrink">Small Button </a></p>

<p> <a class="btn btn-extend">Long Button </a></p>


If you want text to wrap around an image, like how this text is wrapping around this generic photo, you need to code manually. Disable your rich text by selecting "Disable rich-text" at the bottom of your edit screen, and find where your image code is. Image code looks like this: <img src="/logo.svg" >

When you find it, add this text: class="profiles" to your img tag, like so: <img src="/logo.svg" class="profiles">