Protected Documents


  1. Log in to Drupal, navigate to your page and enter edit mode (see “Editing Pages”).

  2. Click on the button titled "GSB Protected files."

  3. Click on "Add another protected file." 

  4. Enter the title for your document. Be descriptive so you can recognize the file later on.

  5. Upload the file

  6. Select "GSB Groups Access Control" and grant access to the specific groups of people you want to be able to access the document (see GSB Access Control for more information)

  7. Save.

  8. Click on "GSB Protected files" in the menu again. You will see your file that you uploaded listed there, as well as the permissions set on it.

  9. Highlight the URL of the document you want to insert into your document, and copy it by right-clicking on your mouse.

  10. Navigate to the page that you want to insert the document on and enter edit mode (see “Editing Pages”).

  11. Click the link icon

  12. In the box titled "URL", paste the URL you copied from step #9 by right-clicking on your mouse.

  13. Click "OK"