Empowering Research Committee

The Empowering Research committee was founded in 2006 with a mission to identify, and integrate technologies and services to expand the capabilities of research computing and instructional capabilities of the Business School. This committee, comprised of Faculty, PHD Students, Library staff, and the Information Technology Group, meets regularly on a monthly basis during the academic school year to champion and promote the School's research initiatives.

Recent Accomplishments

  • All Research storage has been migrated to a highly-redundant, highly-available, high-performing and physically separate, storage sub-system.

  • Added 2 x GPU nodes with Tesla M2070 Video Cards with 448 GPU cores each. This enables customized code and applications to take advantage of larger computing resources. 

  • Increased computing capacity to 198 CPU cores.

  • Implemented time limits on research queues to prevent run-away jobs.

  • Dedicated interactive-only nodes for better performance for interactive client sessions

  • Revision and improvements of wrapper-scripts that improve job submission and eliminates/reduces terminal emulation bugs.

  • ITG now offers comprehensive training sessions for all new PhD Students and Faculty.

Current committee members are:


Behavioral Labs

  • To be determined

Watson Library

Information Technology Group