Database Families and Files

Financial & Economic Databases on Grid

ITG hosts computerized financial and economic databases on research grid and provides user support. All of the databases listed below are on WRDS server ( as well. Grid path names for each database are given in the prentices next to database name.

All databases on the grid are stored and managed in SAS database format and working knowledge in SAS and Linux is necessary to retrieve data. If you are not a programmer and use the databases infrequently, you can retrieve from each database on WRDS via a web interface. Please contact [email protected] if you need any assistance.

Please note that you will be prompted to login to WRDS in order to access more detailed information on each database.If you do not have a WRDS account, please request a WRDS account. WRDS Accounts are granted for faculty members or Ph.D. students only.

User's guides and other detailed literature for each of the database families are available on WRDS or publishers' website. You can access them by clicking on database names on WRDS homepage.