MultiMedia Group Services

To request technical on-site assistance, loaner equipment, freelance services or other item not available in the classroom, please use use the CBS Club and Event management system called CampusGroups.

You can expect a reply within one week at most from when the request is made. (Please note that requests made less than two business days in advance cannot be guaranteed, and requests placed less than one business day ahead of an event must be confirmed in person or by calling (212) 854-3695.)

Video/Audio Conferencing Support

MMG can assist with your video conferencing in CBS classrooms and conference rooms. All classrooms and conference rooms are equipped with video camera and microphones that integrate with various platforms. Additionally, speakerphones are available in most conference rooms.

While we do provide support with multiple video conferencing platforms, we highly recommend Zoom to meet your conferencing needs. Not familiar with the platform? Please explore and test Zoom by visiting their test site.

Zoom accounts are available at no cost on their site. Basic account doesn’t meet your needs? No problem! Please contact us to discuss your options including any of the non-Basic account options.

The Zoom Help Center provides a myriad of resources on using Zoom, and we are here to help if you need one on one support.

AV Equipment Loans

MMG can provide multimedia equipment loans on a short-term basis. Equipment is available to pick up in SC101. Stop by or contact us in advance for availability.

  • Powerpoint Clicker
  • Portable Document Camera
  • Portable Projector
  • Portable Screen
  • Portable audio recorders
  • Various adapters for laptop/mobile device connection
  • Webcam

For setup request, please use CampusGroups.