Classroom Technology

What Is Installed

All Business School classrooms are equipped with the following technology:

Faculty Lectern

Built-in Computer (Windows 10)

Primary annotative monitor

Secondary monitor and webcam

Lectern-facing camera

Audience-facing camera

Ceiling Microphones

HDMI laptop cable & adapters

Touchpanel controls

Lavalier Mic & Batteries in drawer

Raise/Lower lectern button

Wireless laptop/tablet/phone mirroring

Rooms and Layout

Classrooms at the Business School are divided into two types. 24 to 50 seat classrooms contain wall-mounted monitors as their primary displays, and have flat floors with movable seating and furniture. 74 to 150 seat classrooms occupy the corners of the building, and use two projectors as their primary displays. These rooms contain fixed tiered seating for students, as well as two confidence monitors mounted at the front of the teaching well for faculty use.

Classrooms are present in both Geffen and Kravis Hall. You can check the layout of any classroom in the list below:

Room Size Type
Kravis 410 50 Seat Flat
Kravis 420 74 Seat Tiered
Kravis 430 25 Seat Flat
Kravis 440 74 Seat Tiered
Kravis 490 74 Seat Tiered
Kravis 620 74 Seat Tiered
Kravis 630 50 Seat Flat
Kravis 640 74 Seat Tiered
Kravis 670 74 Seat Tiered
Kravis 680 50 Seat Flat
Kravis 690 74 Seat Tiered
Kravis 810 25 Seat Flat
Kravis 820 74 Seat Tiered
Kravis 830 25 Seat Flat
Kravis 840 74 Seat Tiered
Kravis 870 74 Seat Tiered
Kravis 880 50 Seat Flat
Kravis 890 74 Seat Tiered
Kravis 1010 50 Seat Flat
Kravis 1070 50 Seat Flat
Kravis 1080 50 Seat Flat
Kravis 1090 74 Seat Tiered
Room Size Type
Geffen 380 25 Seat Flat
Geffen 390 74 Seat Tiered
Geffen 420 74 Seat Tiered
Geffen 430 25 Seat Flat
Geffen 440 50 Seat Flat
Geffen 490 74 Seat Tiered
Geffen 520 74 Seat Tiered
Geffen 540 50 Seat Flat
Geffen 570 50 Seat Flat
Geffen 590 150 Seat Tiered
Geffen 620 150 Seat Tiered
Geffen 640 74 Seat Tiered

Before You Go

The Multimedia Group is always here to assist with any technology issues that may arise while teaching in a classroom. But if you need to familiarize yourself with the technology before class, here are some useful tips and tricks to keep in mind.

  • Ensure you know your UNI login and password and Duo two-factor authentication. Multimedia staff cannot log into your account for the purposes of starting class or accessing Canvas. You can contact Faculty Support for assistance configuring your account.
  • Upload any files or presentations to Canvas, your personal network drive, a file sharing service, or email. While all classrooms contain USB ports, some USB drives may not be compatible with the in-room equipment. Have a web-based backup just in case.
  • If you anticipate using Zoom during class, ensure you can log in and test your classroom Zoom session at least 1-2 business days before your first class begins. This will give you enough time to troubleshoot any account issues that may arise before class.

Getting Help

During Class

We have staff on-site during class hours Monday through Saturday, and Sundays by request. If you have an emergency during class, please call our emergency help line at (212) 854-6094. This will ensure you receive the fastest possible response. Our technicians will attempt to remotely access the technology in your room for the fastest possible resolution to your issue. We may also physically arrive at your room if a remote resolution is not possible. Please allow up to five minutes for a technician to arrive from our main office in the case of an emergency.

Outside of Class

Please let us know if you have any concerns or comments about technology installed in the classrooms. You can reach our office line at (212) 854-3695 to talk to one of our technicians during business hours. We are happy to arrange or adjust classroom lecture capture recordings, troubleshoot Zoom account issues, schedule training sessions, or deploy wireless microphones in advance of class.

Our Expertise

Our technicians are capable of resolving any issues directly related to the Audio/Visual equipment within the room, as well as troubleshooting installed software. We will not be able to fully troubleshoot issues with personal laptops, mobile phones or tablets, account login issues, or issues arising from external websites or services.

For concerns relating to furniture, room temperature, shades, whiteboards, markers, easels, or lighting, please contact the Operations team.