Classroom Technology

Every Business School classroom has a core set of instructional technology.

  • High-speed desktop with connectivity to the Internet and to the room's video/data projector
  • Program audio system touch-panel control system
  • Adapters to connect a laptop computer and mobile devices to the room's video/data projector
  • Microphones for voice amplification

Dual Projector Rooms

  • Uris 140, 141, 142
  • Warren 207, 208, 209, 309, 310, 311
  • Grace Dodge 363

Single Projector Rooms

  • Uris 301, 303, 305, 306, 307, 326, 327, 328, 329, 330, 331, 332, 333
  • Warren 415, 416

Classroom PC Software

The classroom PCs are equipped with a variety of frequently-used software, for your convenience.  These machines are intended for general, shared computing and may not contain the software that meets your specific needs.  In these cases, we recommend that you bring your own portable, personal computing device. Multiple adapters are available on all podiums for projecting your content onto the screens.  Wireless presentation is also available via AirMedia. Please contact us to discuss any personal computing or special software needs prior to room usage.

Currently Installed Software

7-Zip NoMachine Client
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC PDF Annotator
CBS Excel Add-in PollEverywhere
Chrome PuTTy
Internet Explorer VLC Player
Microsoft Edge Windows Media Player
Microsoft Office Pro 2013 WinSCP
MotionTools Presentation Zoom

Web Conferencing

We can assist with Zoom, Skype, Google hangouts, and much more!


Most rooms are equipped with one lavalier wireless microphone. Additional mics (up to 4) including handhelds and/or lavalier are available at a fee of $75. As a courtesy, we can swap out the lavalier mic with a wireless handheld at no additional cost in most rooms. Please see chart below for microphone availability in rooms that contain more than the standard single microphone. To request additional microphones, please indicate the desired configuration of handhelds and/or lavalier via our CampusGroups request form.

No fee multi-microphone equipped rooms:

Room Standard in the Room Maximum # of Mics Available
Uris 140 1 lav, 1 handheld 4
Uris 141 1 lav, 1 handheld 4
Uris 142 2 lavs, 2 handhelds 8
Uris 301 2 lavs, 2 handhelds 8
Uris Hepburn 1 lav, 1 handheld 4
Uris Calder 1 lav, 1 handheld 4
Warren Flex 1 lav, 1 handheld 8

Facility Issues

If you find any physical issues with the classrooms, then can be reported to the CBS Operations team.