Video Capture

Multimedia offers a few ways to capture video within the classrooms and conference rooms. Our standard lecture capture platform is Echo360. For conference room captures, we recommend using Zoom. We also help coordinate video capture using professional videographers both on and off campus for Business School related events and lectures.


ECHO360 capture is available in all Business School classrooms. Scheduled recording happens automatically, in the background, without the need for client activation.

Echo360 captures video, audio and PC content for classes and events within our classrooms. The dual capture system allows for capturing of video and audio of the lecturer as well as synchronized high-resolution capture of the teaching PC. Materials such as PowerPoint, websites, and spreadsheets can be clearly viewed. Thumbnails for each PowerPoint slide are provided to make it easy and fast for a viewer to find exactly the material needed for review. We have annotation monitors in all classrooms that allow instructors to markup directly on their PowerPoint and spreadsheets so that the notes are easily visible and captured for review.

Learn more about Echo360 policies and availability here.


Conference rooms including Calder and Hepburn lounge do not contain Echo360 capture equipment. As such MMG recommends using Zoom to record when necessary. Zoom allows for local, Cloud and automatic recordings. Unlike Echo360, there is no simultaneous Speaker and Content capture. The recording will capture the person who is speaking, and any content shared through “Share Screen”. For more information, please visit Zoom or reach out to MMG if you can’t find your topic. If you don’t have your own Zoom account, MMG can provide you with a meeting invitation for single use.

ITG is advising our Mac users to ensure that Zoom is configured not to auto-start the microphone and camera when joining a meeting.


You may find that your event needs a more professional video capture. Multimedia makes it easy for you to obtain a professional videographer. We have a pool of vetted freelancers and will help coordinate for your event. Please be advised that as these are outside sourced freelancer and that there is a service fee for their hire on a per hour basis. Fee includes actual recording time, any travel outside of Uris or Warren Hall, time spent on the setup and breakdown of equipment, and any standby time that the freelancer will spend on-site. As the need of every professional recording event may differ, please reach out to MMG at [email protected] for more details and to obtain a quote.

Note that there is a two-hour minimum when obtaining freelancers. A signed approval form will be required once the terms have been confirmed, prior to obtaining the freelancer, and may be subject to adjustments as needed.