Echo360 is our platform for capturing classes and events. This not only allows for the capture of video and audio, but also adds synchronized high resolution capture of the teaching PC. Materials such as PowerPoint, websites, and spreadsheets can be clearly viewed. Thumbnails for each PowerPoint slide or significant screen change are provided to make it easy and fast for a viewer to find exactly the material needed for review. We have also installed annotation monitors in all classrooms to allow instructors to mark up directly on their PowerPoint and spreadsheets so that the notes are easily visible and captured for review. Any event can be captured with only minutes of lead time, or scheduled in advance for the whole semester, though it is important to note that our policies for recording sessions remain unchanged, with recordings available for review sessions, makeup classes, OSA approved absences, guest presentations, and other faculty requests. Sessions are captured automatically and delivered directly to the appropriate course location in Canvas within a few hours of the session ending.

ECHO360 capture is available in all 25 Business School classrooms.

Logging Into Echo360

Students can access course content by going to and clicking the "echo360" link in any course.  Alternatively, if you have a Business School account you can log-in to the Echo360 portal by going to and entering your GSB email address. You will be redirected to the normal log-in page. If you run into any trouble, contact ITG's MultiMedia Group.

I Was Trying to Access an Echo Recording, How Did I Get Here?

In the Spring of 2017, CBS transitioned to Echo360's Active Learning Platform, a cloud based solution for lecture capture and much more. In tandem, on April 24th 2017 it was announced that a standard maintenance and housekeeping procedure approved by the Faculty Computing Committee and ratified by the Vice Dean of Administration would be implemented. This procedure calls for CBS to retain the active semester’s worth of content, plus an additional two (2) years of prior content. As of Monday, May 15 2017, both content from 2014 or before and the legacy system were decommissioned. All links to Echo content from the old system which may be in use, and any link with “” in the address, will no longer function. If you followed a link to content that brought you to this page, please contact the MultiMedia Group ASAP with the link you were trying to access and the page that lead you here.

ECHO360 Personal Capture

ECHO360 Personal Capture software is now available to all faculty free of charge. The software enables the recording of voice, optional video, and a screenshot of your laptop or PC from anywhere, anytime, and publishes the recordings directly to the Echo360 platform. For more information, please contact the MultiMedia Group!

What Else Can Echo360 Do?

A lot! Echo360 has information on a wide variety of features online. Contact the MultiMedia Group or Samberg if you would like to learn more!